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A group of motorcyclists were hit by a car

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – A group of motorcyclists were hit by a car over the weekend in Connecticut, seriously injuring two western Massachusetts riders.

The accident brought back bad memories for a local survivor of a similar crash in 2019 which left seven people dead in New Hampshire.

Joshua Morin told Western Mass News that multiple people reached out to him after hearing about the motorcycle accident on Sunday night involving riders at the Chicopee Moose Lodge.

He spoke with us close to three years after his near brush with death about what he would like to see to try to help prevent these accidents in the future.

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“My heart broke instantly and filled with sadness knowing that people’s lives are going to be affected and most likely devastated,” Morin told us.

He survived a shocking motorcycle accident in New Hampshire in 2019 involving a truck driver from West Springfield who drove into a group of bikers, killing seven of them.

Morin spoke with Western Mass News after a similar crash on Sunday involving riders from Ludlow and Chicopee evoked instant comparisons from the community.

Ken Fish was supposed to bike alongside his friends, who are members of the Chicopee Moose Lodge Riders, on Route 171 in Woodstock, Connecticut when a car crossed the double yellow line at a high speed and struck several bikers, leaving his friends hospitalized and seriously injured.

“I was supposed to go on that ride, but I took the time off to spend with my daughter,” Fish told us.

Morin talked about the danger motorcyclists face every time they step on a bike.

“You can have all the preparations you want and you still can get injured,” he said.


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