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South Dakota law enforcement put the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in the headlines

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South Dakota law enforcement put the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in the headlines yesterday. A bunch of masked Highway Patrol and Division of Criminal Investigations officers searched the gang’s Rapid City clubhouse yesterday morning. None of the cops or reporters have told us what for. The only interesting detail in the reporting that I noticed was that KELO-TV says the gang’s sign “has officially been removed from the motorcycle club’s meeting space.” The original report on KELO said their reporter saw law enforcement removing the sign.

What, was the sign hiding drugs and guns? If Governor Kristi Noem wants to preserve her image as a rogue cowgirl Freedom™ fighter, she’d better put on her cutoffs and high boots, ride out to Rapid City, and get law enforcement off those good outstanding riders’ backs… and put their sign back.

In 1991, the California Department of Justice named the Bandidos as one of the “Big Five” outlaw motorcycle gangs. The international Bandidos have lived up to their outlaw name on multiple occasions, including citations and arrests in the Rapid City area.

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