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Club believes in giving back to the community and normally offers over $10,000 in scholarships and the Graduate of Merit program

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Eagle Riders motorcycle club, which is part of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Club in Sutherlin, (past the Danville-Pittsylvania County Fairgrounds on the way to South Boston) plays an important role in the fundraising efforts to benefit the Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer Association each year.

Trustee Jerry Shelton explains that the club donates what money it raises through the year to a variety of projects in addition to the cancer association.

The club believes in giving back to the community and normally offers over $10,000 in scholarships and the Graduate of Merit program. They work with the school board to identify those in need for their Christmas and Thanksgiving basket programs.

Most of their money for donations come from bingo games.

Shelton is proud of what the Eagles accomplish for the community. “For each of the past ten years we have donated between $11,000 and $27,000 each year to the cancer association.”

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Moriah Shepherd, Executive Director of the Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer Association praises the club’s efforts. “The Fraternal Order of the Eagles through the Dean Ferris Memorial Poker Run has been an avid supporter of Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer, raising approximately $183,000 over the course of a decade. Each dollar raised through the Dean Ferris Memorial Poker Run has stayed local supporting residents of the city of Danville and Pittsylvania County who are undergoing cancer treatments. Through the generous giving of individuals and organizations such as the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer helps defray the cost of cancer-related prescriptions, equipment, supplies, transportation reimbursement, nutritional supplements, as well as other special needs.”

Vic Ingram, Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman as well as a lifetime member of the cancer association, is very appreciative of what the Eagles contribute to the community. “What they do is phenomenal because they work tirelessly to gather money to help so many who are affected in our area. Sometimes there is a stigma against motorcycle clubs, but they’re some of the most kind and gracious people you’ll meet. Jerry Shelton and I are good friends and I am thankful and appreciative of their efforts.”

Ingram shares that he enjoys coming to the annual auction and always buys something. “They work hard contacting businesses and gathering the auction items not to mention the cooking and baking! The ride itself can be taxing. I encourage everyone to attend.”

The club is working on a big project right now designing new t-shirts that will be an ongoing fundraiser. They will also sell tickets for two big 50/50 raffles including a raffle for a Blackstone Grill.

All of this is leading up to the big event of the year, the annual ride set for Saturday, August 20, where the riders (in cars, trucks or motorcycles) will go on a three hour tour through Virginia and North Carolina down to Roxboro. On August 20 participants in cars, trucks or motorcycles registered for the ride meet at the Thunder Road Harley Davidson at 4870 Riverside Drive, Danville (near Blackwell Motors) going toward Martinsville. The ride in 2021 was held on August 21.

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