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The Bandidos MC whose clubhouse was raided last week has approximately a dozen members in Rapid City

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The Bandidos MC, whose clubhouse was raided last week, has approximately a dozen members in Rapid City, according to Special Agent B.J. George with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation.

Membership can range anywhere from six to twelve, although the club tends to keep their numbers private, “for their own reasons,” George said.

“They do have support clubs that work with them. If you throw their support clubs into it, and sometimes some of the other motorcycle clubs that are around will sometimes align with the Bandidos, then your number starts to get a little bigger,” he said.

Los Cuervos and Ghost Dance are the two main support clubs, but some other clubs in the area may not consider themselves “support clubs” but will spend time with Bandidos members, George said.

DCI served search warrants at the Bandido’s clubhouse on Creek Drive in Rapid City and at one on the eastern side of the state. Officials have been sparse with information about the raid and what led to it, what they were looking for or if they found it — but they have said that it’s part of a larger investigation.

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