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‘Cooked alive’Dramatic footage shows the wild, high-speed chase involving the motorbiker

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Dramatic footage shows the wild, high-speed chase involving the motorbiker who was “cooked alive” in a blaze that started when he was tased by a deputy.

Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez held a press conference Thursday to share the footage and announce charges against the deputy who deployed his Taser against 26-year-old Jean Barreto on Feb. 27.

The footage shows a man on a dirt bike wearing an orange helmet, whom the sheriff’s office has identified as Barreto, fleeing from a patrol vehicle at a high rate of speed in Osceola County.

He could be seen weaving in and out of traffic, driving the wrong way and popping wheelies at speeds reaching 70 mph.

“It shows how reckless the suspect was, and how much danger he brought to himself as well as other members of the community,” the sheriff said, adding that Barreto blew through about 13 red lights on his 30-minute joyride.

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