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Interview with former out bad international president LIL DAVE- REALLY?


Since we were mentioned. Here’s our response to Cinemills. For one it’s scripted. Secondly his body movements during the questioning is right there in front of your face- Classic tell he’s BS . Basically that would be your chance to ask the hard follow up questions which you did not. Bobby D DID NOT give any video to Insane Throttle. Not one time has lil dave had his wife on any show to refute that video and the intention behind it. Not once did you ask why an ex federal officer was talking to his wife. If you don’t know, a federal agent will not talk to a wife of a target like that unless something is going on. He openly denied he said that until we played the audio from the video. After the shock wore off he was tongue tied and saying I don’t remember. We premiered our most recent video of him sitting and having a beer with an ex cop 3 weeks after that motion was filed. This isn’t just about the Mongols- This is about the whole MC culture as a whole. The Mongols Lose all major clubs will lose. I also see you didn’t ask him about why he was pulled into a judges chamber during the trial . Why? because Jurors saw him and john sitting together at the coffee shop all the time.

Another thing, the issue from my understanding at first was the missing money. For example. Lil Dave was making minimum payments on the fine the federal courts issued. In three months after he was gone the club from my understanding paid off those fines. The Mongols MC have an estimated 1200 members in the United States. $100 a pop per member you’re looking at 120,000 a month in just dues alone. This doesn’t include patch money, parties or runs. When he left the club their was an estimate of 12k.

Here’s what this has been done to not only the Mongols MC, but all Motorcycle Clubs. This continuing drama of putting out club business, Like LIL Dave has done, has made a mockery of MC’S. People have to realize that when you contact a channel like Insane Throttle, or any other platform to air dirty laundry it’s on you. No matter my personal opinion on how you’re going to put your case out there, Insane Throttle will not hesitate to publish it. Once it is published we will then continue with follow ups and take source information to further the story. We are an entertainment and publishing company, that’s what we do.

What people do not understand about myself. Although I used to be in the club scene and might have strong opinions in support of clubs. I’m no longer in the club scene and myself and Insane Throttle are not beholden to anyone. We’re not beholden to MC Protocol or whatever it’s called these days. I’ve set in place policies to ask clubs if its Okay for active members to be on the show. That’s out of respect for the clubs because they shouldn’t be blind sided. As far as former members, out bad members, we don’t ask clubs. This is a News And Entertainment Platform. Opinion segements are given on main stream news articles plain and simple. When interviews are conducted we always make sure to be fair but also challenging. We’re not here to be scripted like the interview that was just done by Cinemills. We’re not going to call you brother throughout the interview and we’re not going to let the interviewee lead the segment.

This stay in your own lane stuff. If you’re a member of a club then I agree with that 100%. But when there is a public story whether it was put out on accident or not by members of your club, we cover it. If you’re members are in the news, we will cover it. WE’RE NOT IN A CLUB. INSANE THROTTLE ISN’T A CLUB. Maybe a lot of people need to start realizing that. That way I can save you’re keys on your keyboards some pounding.

My Message to LIL Dave and his supporters- You think you’re doing yourself a service by going on different shows trying to make your case. You’re not, what you’re doing is keeping it all going and new stuff coming out. No one knew about the motion to vacate. I’ve kept it under wraps since it’s been filed. You’re the one that opened up the can of worms again. Stay off social media, every time you go on another show your story changes again. You want your side out then take the stand and put your side out in court where it matters. You claimed to have loved your club. Well love sure the hell isn’t what youre doing. I have to admit, you’re story is actually getting pretty damned boring at this point. The cards are on the table and your hand doesn’t look all that good. When you don’t have the cards any smart person would step away. Put your ego aside and take care of your family, that’s what you said you wanted to do.

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