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Now covicted president of Gypsy Jokers wants the victims motorcycle back after killing him

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Mark Dencklau, the president of the Portland chapter of the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club, went to trial and was convicted and sentenced to life for orchestrating the kidnapping, torture and killing of ex-club member Robert “Bagger” Huggins Jr. in 2015.

Now, as he appeals his sentence, he’s urging a judge to order the government to give him Huggins’ 2011 Harley Davidson motorcycle back.

Huggins was pushed out of the club in 2014 and beaten after he stole money from the Portland clubhouse to support a heroin addiction, prosecutors said. Club members took Huggins’ motorcycle and truck as well, and Dencklau eventually obtained the title for the Harley Davidson bike.

When police raided Dencklau’s Woodburn home, they seized the bike.

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Dencklau argues he’s the lawful owner of the Harley and police unlawfully took it from his home.

But prosecutors say Dencklau has it all wrong.

He stole the motorcycle from Huggins and doesn’t deserve to get it back, they argue. The government plans to return the bike to Huggins’ family, prosecutors told the court.

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