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Mongols Motorcycle Club Says Its Leader LIL DAVE Was an Informant (VIDEO)

For more than two decades, federal law enforcement authorities pursued the Mongols, a notorious motorcycle club whose members had a long history of murder, assault, drug dealing and robbery.
In 2018, the government scored a victory of sorts. Prosecutors convinced a jury in California that these crimes were not just the result of individual bikers behaving badly, but the work of an organized criminal enterprise that had participated in a campaign of mayhem. The club was ordered to pay a $500,000 fine in what prosecutors hoped would be a down payment on putting it out of business.

00:00 Overview of the New York Times Article
01:40 I know I said I wouldn’t cover this anymore “BUT”
03:56 Mongols MC Say LIL DAVE was an informant
05:44 What the Mongols Rico Case was about
07:30 Where’s the paperwork
09:26 The explosive video
11:50 How long was lil dave a member of the mongols
13:47 Why wasn’t it done all the time
15:47 WOW he can’t do this
17:14 Usually he had other members with him
19:10 The new policies
21:44 The leaked strategy

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