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A ceasefire has been agreed between two rival motorcycle gangs

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A ceasefire has been agreed between two rival motorcycle gangs after a three-week blitz of shootings and suspicious fires across Auckland, the Herald understands.

The tit-for-tat war between the Tribesmen and the Killer Beez, once formerly aligned as groups, threatened to spiral out of control with at least 23 drive-by shootings since the end of May.

It’s understood that most of the shootings have been committed by Tribesmen reinforcements from the gang’s Christchurch chapter.

While no one had been seriously injured so far, there were serious concerns about the heavy firepower used by both sides and the risk of an innocent bystander being killed.

A police crackdown, called Operation Dairylands, led to firearms being seized and members of both gangs being arrested, although the violence continued.


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