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A motorcyclist has been jailed after his friend and riding partner died in a collision

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A motorcyclist has been jailed after his friend and riding partner died in a collision with a Grimsby-bound ambulance on the Louth bypass.

Groom-to-be Liam Addison, 30, of Grainthorpe, suffered fatal chest injuries after hitting the ambulance which was carrying a patient and two crew to Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital. All three were uninjured in the incident which happened on the A16 at South Thoresby.

Mr Addison was on a ride on a Yamaha 1,000cc with his best friend and fellow biker Adam Clover, 31, who was following behind on his less powerful 675cc bike. It had a top speed of just 150mph. Lincoln Crown Court heard Clover, an electrician with two previous convictions for speeding, played no part in causing his friend’s death and was supported in court by Mr Addison’s family who do not blame him for the tragedy.


However a judge jailed Clover for ten months after telling him that his “grossly excessive speed” represented a substantial risk of danger to pedestrians and other road users. Both bikers had set off together from Market Rasen shortly before 6pm on June, 9, 2020.

Forensic examination of the 1000cc Yamaha bike showed he covered the 31 miles to the crash scene at an average speed of just over 76mph. Steven Gosnell, prosecuting, said there was evidence from his bike that Mr Addison’s front wheel speed reached 168mph on the A16 Louth bypass, and he was still travelling at 140mph some 228 metres before he hit the ambulance.

Mr Addison’s average speed over a 2.6 mile section of the journey was calculated at 110mph – including a one mile section through the village of Swaby where the speed limit was just 50mph. The Yamaha motorcycle ridden by Mr Addison collided with an East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) ambulance taking a patient from South Thoresby to Grimsby’s Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.


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