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A member of what’s been labeled as an outlaw motorcycle group is facing multiple criminal charges

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ST. MARYS, Ga. – A member of what’s been labeled as an outlaw motorcycle group is facing multiple criminal charges after police say he and another unidentified man led them on a motorcycle chase that began when an officer attempted to pull them over for street racing, according to the St. Marys Police Department.

The incident happened back on July 10, but the police dashcam and body camera video were just made public on Monday.

According to the arrest report, shortly before 1 a.m., a patrol officer with a K-9 was parked near the intersection of Highway 40 and Dandy Street when the officer’s speed radar picked up a vehicle coming up from behind that was traveling at 112 mph in a 45 mph zone. The report states the officer quickly realized it was two motorcyclists racing each other.

The officer notes in the report that both motorcycles were trying to out-distance each other.

The officer got behind both motorcycles with his emergency lights and siren and notes in the report that both motorcyclists accelerated even faster in an attempt to outrun him. According to the report, the officer was able to maintain a visual of the two motorcycles until one of them turned off on Dilworth Street. The officer said at that point, he could only see one motorcycle that was still traveling east on Osborn Road. The officer closed the distance on the eastbound motorcycle with speeds topping 115 mph, the report states.

The chase continued down Osborn Street to West Ashley Street when, according to the arrest report, the motorcyclist made a righthand turn onto Ashley and began to pull away, but travel recklessly.

The motorcyclist drove to the intersection of Ashley and Wheeler Street where, according to the officer, the chase ended when the motorcyclist gave up and surrendered.


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