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Motorcycle club members reminisce

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There are two words etched into the concrete stoop of the little white house at 711 N. Locke St.

Though simple in nature, they tell a story that stretches back half a century; one of brotherhood and comradery and of the freedom of the open road.

“Road Knights,” the words read in tidy gray lettering, in case anyone questions who resides inside.

But walk into the property, and the bare walls and mostly empty rooms tell yet another story.

The structure is now sold.

It’s time to move on.

But for the seven surviving members of the Road Knights Motorcycle Club — the oldest motorcycle club in Howard County which once boasted anywhere from 25 to 30 members — some goodbyes are harder than others.

And though none of the men like to use the word “disbanding,” they do admit that the logistics just aren’t there anymore to successfully maintain a clubhouse and participate in community events the way they used to.

So last week, before the club’s Locke property is officially someone else’s, the Tribune caught up with the Road Knights to reminisce about the club’s place in Kokomo history, as well as where the men go from here..


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