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Famous Hells Angels Ashes Spread after death

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On a warm September evening, a dozen relatives of a fallen biker gathered at Ile Sainte-Hélne in Montreal to make his last wish.

They waited until nightfall, in a small wooded area, to scatter the ashes of Walkers, who were unaware of the ceremony.

However, a few meters away from them was scattered the body of a man believed to have instigated the war against the Rock Machine, which killed 165 people, including nine innocent victims, between 1994 and 2002.

To the best of our knowledge, only close family members of the perpetrator, including his daughter Alexandra Mongue, were present.

However, some agents of the Sorte du Québec monitored the progress of this limited tribute.

hard till the end

Died behind bars on July 10 at the age of 69, mom Boucher was suffering from throat cancer, which kept her suffering until the end.

photo d’archives

Maurice «Mother» Boucher

Serving a 2002 life sentence for ordering the murder of two correctional officers, he was virtually guaranteed to die in prison.

Thin and frail, the man, considered the most powerful criminal biker in the country, was fed a liquid diet for several days, in addition to requiring morphine to soothe his pain.

Yet Boucher’s final hours did not lessen his deep hatred for the authorities or inspire remorse for ordering the killings.

The outlaws ordered these killings to “destabilize the judicial system” during the Biker War and forbade their killers to cooperate with the justice system, testified by Stephen “Godase” Gagne, who became an informant. .


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