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Motorcycle Club donates tabs to help Ronald McDonald Home

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SPEARFISH, SD (KEVN) — September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and one survivor is helping a group of veterans.

On Saturday, the Militia Veterans Motorcycle Club gathered at Spearfish to present all of the aluminum tabs collected by club members.

All this is done in order to help 12-year-old Grayson Chapeau, also known as the “Pop Kid”. Grayson collects aluminum tabs throughout the year to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Denver, which provides housing support to families who must travel to get medical care for their children. For the past three years, the militia has helped and donations have come in from various chapters and businesses across the state.

“One thing I can say in western South Dakota is that the local communities here are very, very helpful,” said Randy Houghton, a member of the North Hills chapter of the Militia Veterans Motorcycle Club and the man who originally started collecting. “People love to donate. People love to help. So when we go out and talk to some of these local bars and businesses, they immediately join us.”


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