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Orting murder victim had ‘biker buddies.’

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Newly released investigative records shed more light on the brutal killing of an Orting-area man last month, including his ties to a motorcycle club that the father of an Olympia teenager charged with the murder claimed was involved in the death. Pierce County sheriff’s detectives connected murder victim Dan McCaw, 51, to the Amigos Motorcycle Club — a support club of the notorious Bandidos Motorcycle Club —

Early on in their investigation, but police reports released to The News Tribune so far include no direct evidence that club members played a role in the killing. Rather than an outlaw motorcycle gang, mounting evidence collected during the investigation’s first 24 hours pointed toward then-missing 16-year-old Gabriel Davies, whose mother dated and lived with McCaw until recently. Davies and his older sister lived at McCaw’s home near Orting on and off since 2018, which spurred a custody battle between their divorced parents.


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