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The federal government asked a Ninth Circuit panel on Friday to dissolve the rights of the Mongol Nation Motorcycle Club to enforce their trademark of their logo, typically worn on patches sewn on jackets and vests of their members.

00:00 The Mongols MC Case has Made it to the 9th Circuit of Appeals

00:57 Arguments in the Mongols Trademark case move forward

02:11 Judges thinks the government is reaching

03:15 FEDS lobby 9th circuit of appeals to take Mongols Logo

06:00 Others need to follow this ruling

07:50 Background on the case

09:50 The walk around the government is trying to do

11:31 The judges are not buying the governments case

13:40 The Hells Angels MC is brought up in arguments

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  1. Dear Hollywood
    Thankyou for everything you choose to do..This is SPIKE i had spoke to you while i was out on bail about to enter texas prison..My public def.was AbleReyna..remember??(twinpeaks) Anyway i did my time…So does this trademark stuff…if Mongels lose That means Gov.screws with ALL MCs??? especially 1%ers Right….
    you should do a peice with DON TITTLE of Dallas..Hes the attorney on twin peaks BIKERS AGAINST WACO lawsuit..tell him i sent you..stephen spiker(spike) i mailed him some rockers (upper n lower)that supports his wrongful death lawsuit..


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