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The conversation that Mooch and I had over the Mongols Motion To Vacate was really a source of pride for myself and Insane Throttle. To see the comment section on the video having to be turned off because of people and their keyboard warrior tactics is unacceptable.

#LILDAVE #MOOCH #mongolsmc
00:30 This is what Insane Throttle is about
01:05 Why all the hate?
02:12 Yeah it was a 50/50 response
03:11 This conversation was a source of pride
04:19 Yes there is information I’m not going to share
05:27 You might have your opinion but it doesn’t give you a right to do this
07:57 He made some good arguments- What was wrong with doing that
09:16 Everyone gets to have a voice

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  1. NEWS NEWS. Robert Wilson, a member of the Outlaws, was arrested for eluding and fleeing. Bail set at $30,000, and the LAW, wants to start forfeiture of his motorcycle. During this time, there are drive by’s, rapes, murders, heavy duty drug dealing in Flagler County, yet FCSO wants to come down heavy on someone for fleeing and eluding.


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