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Over the last few months the rumors have been flying whether I was in a motorcycle club or not. My membership in a motorcycle club or not is really no ones business. Like I always tell someone who brings it up, “I can neither confirm or deny the rumors.”

I’ve always made sure that my on air persona and personal life have remained separate. One thing I can tell you that’s never going to change. Even if the rumors of me being in a club were true, I would never let that information out to the public. I’m of a mindset that I don’t believe ones membership in a club should be made public.

What one does in their personal life is no concern of others. This is not only the case when it comes to membership in a motorcycle club, but also other personal business I may have.

Membership in a motorcycle club, especially a 1% club, is something that is very personal. I’ve always believed if it wasn’t someones business they should shut up and walk away.

Others who are content creators can choose to let people know what they want, myself I choose not to engage in that. My program, “Insane Throttle Biker News” has nothing to do with any potential membership in a club. Insane Throttle Biker News is an independent news & editorial company, this will always be the case.

I’m hopeful that this gives an answer to all those rumors. If it doesn’t I could care less because it’s no ones business what I do off air.

The Future Of Insane Throttle

Many may have noticed the different format I’ve taking Insane Throttle over the last month. I’ve been mixing it up with Live shows during the week, not to mention conducting interviews on the Sunday Shows.

I do not have a regular schedule as far as Live Shows during the week. It’s been mainly out of the blue I’ve been going on air, but I will come up with a schedule in the next week or so when I will be going live. Sundays it’s always 8pmcst on the Youtube Channel. Replays of the show are always available on all the major podcasting platforms.

Do you want to write for Insane Throttle?

Have you ever wished to be able to get your writings or opinions on a big website? Do you want to get exposure for yourself or platform? Well, could be the platform for you. If you have an article concerning the biker scene and would like us to publish it on the site let me know. You can email for more information . This is a NON PAID opportunity. With a huge reach worldwide you will be able to get the expouser you need to promote your ideas.

That’s all for this post. Be on the lookout for more because I will be posting more regularly. #ROCKON

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