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We called it the Midwest Motorcycle Bike Night

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The sound of Black joy can be heard every Thursday night in Dayton as Black bikers gather at the Major League Sports Bar. The night our WYSO team arrived there were over a hundred bikers from all over the region.

“We called it the Midwest Motorcycle Bike Night. We’ve done seen Springfield, London, Columbus, Chillicothe, Indianapolis, Richmond, Indiana,” says Herbie Hines. He’s the founder of the Dayton Chapter of The Black Souls Motorcycle Club. “It’s a family reunion every Thursday. Like, we might meet your cousin, your wife, your baby daddy, anything down here. Like, it’s open. Like, it ain’t nothing but good handshakes and conversation.”

The media often portrays Black communities as marginalized, underserved, disproportionately disadvantaged populations that live in food deserts. But rarely does the media explore events or subcultures like this. I spoke with Hines and the other bike night planners about their community.

Jonathan Nalls is one of the owners of Major League Sports Bar along with his brother Howard Mason and Sir Arthur Allen.


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