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Man claims he was followed by motorcycle gang

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A Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy was at Sweetwater Hospital when a man pulled into the parking lot, claiming someone had been shooting at him.

Corporal Dakota Rinehart said it was midnight when a man identified as Micheal Thompson pulled into the parking lot and said someone had been shooting at him while he was at the Circle K.

Rinehart said Thompson had bloodshot, dilated eyes. When asked to perform some field sobriety tests, he could barely do them. He refused to do a one leg standing test.

He did agree to provide a blood sample and said he also had to urinate. Rinehart said he could use the opportunity to provide a urine sample. Thompson said he no longer had to urinate.

Rinehart read Thompson his rights and Thompson told him someone might have placed something in a drink of his and that he had been drugged before.


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