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MONGOLS MC ON TRIAL These sound like things in a movie that he’s made up

Biker Culture with Hollywood
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A secret witness was inspired by Hollywood movies to concoct an elaborate tale of drug- and gun-running, the lawyer acting for an alleged gang boss says.

The former gang insider’s account is similar to a plot twist in the movie The Usual Suspects, says Bill Nabney, who’s acting for Mongols’ national president Jim Thacker.

In that film, a character played by the actor Kevin Spacey “makes up a story, using things [he sees] in the room in order to weave a web”.

Likewise, some people the witness described as being involved with the gang were like film characters, Nabney suggested during his closing argument in a High Court trial in Hamilton on Friday.

“Two Times, like Jimmy Two Times in [the movie] Goodfellas … Marko, Irish.

“These sound like things in a movie that he’s made up, to sound or feel real. That’s what I would suggest.

“It would be a great movie script,” Nabney later added. “But that’s all this is. It’s just a story.”

The witness has permanent name suppression and gave evidence earlier in the trial.

The seven men and five women of a High Court jury will soon have to decide whether his evidence is something that could have been penned by a screenwriter.

Nine senior members and affiliates of the Mongols, including Thacker, are standing trial on a raft of drugs and weapons charges.


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