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WHAT A FRAUD Charlie Hunnam Stopped Riding Motorcycles After Sons Of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam has had enough biking anarchy for a lifetime. Hunnam famously starred in “Sons of Anarchy” from 2008 to 2014. Life sometimes imitates art and Hunnam was once an avid rider. It turns out that is no longer the case. The “Shantaram” star reveals that he has reconsidered the risk-reward ratio of riding a motorcycle.

00:28 Recently Charlie Hunnam AKA Jax Teller Said he stopped riding motorcycles

01:35 Stopped riding after Sons Of Anarchy

03:09 Trying to justify

05:30You do need to ride with confidence

08:28 He basically says he used the motorcycle scene to his advantage

09:31 He wasn’t a good actor anyways

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