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Do we really have any BIKERS LEFT in Motorcycle Clubs anymore **FULL VIDEO**

Things new age MC members are doing 

– buying designer cuts or vests online with custom colors patterns 

– 1%ers are having “tough guy Slogan” patches made on amazon (Goon Squad, Border Patrol, Gucci Gangster…..etc the list goes on of store bought patches” 

– SUPER CLEAN cuts I know guys who damn dry clean their colors once a month and others who tell me the fucking Febreeze their cut 

– Riding less than 5,000 miles a year or only to local poker runs and bars 

– Talking outside the club with club business and about brothers in negative way 

The list goes on and on but I think I have come to realize we don’t have many REAL BIKERS in MC’s these days 

00:00 Very interesting indeed

01:13 Demographics change

03:57 You can really notice the change

07:34 I really don’t think it’s a bad deal

10:20 To each their own

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