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Is it important? Does it matter?

Reguardless of the year, the generation, the situation, an individual putting out accurate “news” is in fact important. In our world putting out accurate news or inaccurate news can cause problems for teams that could have been prevented. It can also ruin images and reputations of clubs that work hard to “be better and do better”.

When these “so called” news pages put out shows for clicks, likes and follows, a bit of simple research can go a long way. Do the research, check for accuracy, be a TRUSTED and ACCURATE source for this “news” you claim to have.

Sose the Ghost, this is for you. I PERSONALLY reached out to you and told you that you were putting out incorrect information, that you are using my Nations patches when the article was about another Nation with the same name these articles eluded to the fact that we have “teamed” up with another Nation to commit offenses, this is completely false. I RESPECTFULLY asked that you remove it and you havent, you still have them on your social media platforms. I gave you my number to reach out to me, you refused to pass your number to me, you refused to call in addition to not having the simple RESPECT to even reply to my private message to you.

Your complete disregard for the truth, lack of common courtesy and lack of Respect for this life shows why you are an independent rider now. It is clear and evident that you are more about the “clicks” on your pages and videos than you are with trying to be a real “news” station of the MC World, especially one you aren’t even a part of.

In saying all that, fuck you very much and fuck anything you have to say.



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03:24 The Phoenix Warlocks MC Statement

05:46 It can be confusing

10:05 You only see the one segment

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