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These are the 5 types of bikers that I cannot Stand **FULL VIDEO**

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Everyone has run into these types in the biker lifestyle. Now let’s clear the air and get it out in the open. THESE ARE 5 TYPES OF BIKERS I CANNOT STAND


00:52 These Bikers are a special kind of stupid

01:33 I’ve cried and whined about this

02:35 Their dream clients

03:35 This burns me up

05:05 This Burns my Butt hairs up

06:21 What’s wrong with these idiots

07:54 Oh Boy Karma lol

09:34 This is pretty messed up

1. So Called Bikers Who Thumb Their Nose at You

2. Bikers that do wheelies on the highway

3. The Big Billy Ass Biker who tries to intimidate

4. The Drunk touchy filly biker

5. Spend 70k on a Cvo and let it sit in their garage

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