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How old is old? The year was 1903, notable for several important birthdays. Individual arrivals included Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Eliot “Untouchables” Ness. Meanwhile those Wright brothers got it right at Kitty Hawk, and a new company called Harley-Davidson tried to sell its first motorcycles. Plans had progressed for the Panama Canal as well as the first tunnel under the Hudson River near Hoboken, closer to home for members of the new Yonkers MC.

Under the apparently far-seeing leadership of its first president, one George Eller, the Yonkers Bicycle Club morphed into the Yonkers Motorcycle Club. The club had already sponsored an endurance run before the Federation of International Motorcyclists (FIM) was formed a year later in 1904, some 23 years before the founding of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) in 1927.

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