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Dominant Motorcycle Clubs Are Playing With Fire

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Something that is interesting in this business, especially this niche, is the feedback I receive from those that follow Insane Throttle. Whenever the subject of motorcycle clubs comes up people are adamant about dominants and patch policing. 

What is Patch Policing?

It’s a term people use for the clubs that try to keep to the traditional ways of keeping other clubs from forming, which many people take out of context. Regardless of your definition, and my personal opinion on how it’s still a good thing, one has to ask the question, “Is it time to stop?” 

I would’ve been the first one to say no, but looking around the scene in modern times, it’s looking like that time. For one, how is a club going to check others when views of society have changed? It’s no longer the case where people want to be subjected to someone else’s way of thinking. 

You can see this in many of the clubs now that just start up. This is especially true with clubs with younger people who’ve been on the streets before joining a club. These types of people know the street and know how to fight back. 

In times gone by you would have a new start up club bend the knee if you will. That’s not the case any longer. Smaller clubs are fighting back and doing it with more force than ever seen before. 

Smaller Clubs are not going to be told what to do

If you look at the recent news lately with shootings, you’re going to find most of them with clubs you don’t recognize. The reason this is the case is because they are newer clubs. With newer clubs there is a willingness to do what they want to do regardless of tradition. 

Is tradition gone? I’d have to honestly say yes, tradition doesn’t mean anything anymore. When times change you have to change with them, something that I believe the dominants are going to have to recognize at some point. Change is hard, especially after decades of traditions, but change has to be on the table in order to prosper in modern times. 

Check out the video on the rest of my thoughts on this subject, and again thanks for all the support you give this channel.

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