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The sad state of the Biker Community today

I remember the days when the blue collar stiff had to save for years to by an old run down sled. That blue collar stiff also knew how to work on his ride. In the mid to late 90’s all that started to change. American Chopper and all those other shows which glorified a lifestyle that only a few years earlier was reserved for those on the outside of society suddenly became cool for White Collar middle age individuals who wasted most of their lives being a fake anyways. Every account executive, vice-president suddenly had the need to act out a fantasy only a few years earlier were calling a black eye on society.

Harley Davidson started to cater to this group of individuals and thus went the sky rocketing price of Harley. Two groups then started to emerge from this event. Wannabees and real scooter tramps that were left wondering “What the Hell Happened? Why can’t I afford that Harley? Well Boys will be boys in the White Collar Club. Harley decided it was more profitable to pander to this group of so called bikers and leave the ones who kept them alive all these years on the outside looking in.

Harley Davidson even went as far to follow their corporate greed and outsource building motorcycles in India. I recently found this on CNN. “What we are doing is made in USA, assembled in India, which will have a positive job effect back home which is why we are driving this investment as quickly as we are,” Anoop Prakash managing director for Harley Davidson India told CNN. After reading that all I have to say is “HUMMMM”. So an iconic motorcycle company which was built on the backs of working stiffs is now building the bike in INDIA!!

What is even more funny now a days is that when those on Harley’s ask why I’m I riding a American Classic Honda Shadow my answer is simple. My bike is built in Ohio by American Workers just as it should be. Yours is the foreign one! Boy do they look confused until I break it down for them. Your company left you in the ditch to make those profits! Their whole world comes crashing down because these new jack bikers believed what the company pushed on them. You have to own a Harley to be a REAL Biker!! I beg to differ on that entirely. It’s the man that makes the Biker, not the bike.

I’ve know a many good men that I called a brother who rode something other then a Harley. It’s what’s inside you that makes a real biker. It’s a hard worker that busts his ass everyday to raise a family. It’s a man who would do anything for his friends. It’s someone who will stand up for what they believe in even in the face of great odds. It’s someone who will stop when they see a fellow rider on the side of the road to help. That’s what a biker is, not these idiots who think it’s cool to watch American Chopper and go out and ride their 40,000 dollar chopper one day a month. Hopefully the younger generation will get their head out of their asses and learn the right way

CNN Story on Harley Moving to India


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  1. Sad, But true. Put 120K on my Shadow before it had a problem and one of the valves burnt. Gave it to a sister who lost her’s and got the valve replaced. She has not put an additional 40K on it. Still do my own maintenance and know every inch of my ride, inside and out. Can tell just by sound and feel if something is going wrong. Now pushing 120K on an American built VTX1300 and still running damn good.


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