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Now these are Jackasses!!! Introduction to Iron Order Mc .FAG ALERT AHEAD

So you bunch of ball sweat beads. Today we are going to cover a subject about LEO clubs. Law Enforcement Officer clubs for all you dumb shits out there that need to have it spelled out. The lifestyle and especially that of the club lifestyle has been invaded by fags from the boys in blue. The boys in blue have to make up for not having any dicks that they have to act like bikers to try and make up for it. Now these dick less boys have to get together and form a club because they wish they could be 1%er’s but can’t be because they are a bunch of dam pigs. Still got you ball sweat beads following me? So today we are going to expose one of the biggest fag clubs around. They call themselves the Iron Order MC.

Now their history as claimed by their website states and I qoute “The Iron Order MC was started by a few hardcore bikers in a garage on July 4, 2004.  It is fitting that our club anniversary is celebrated on the same day as our great country’s Independence Day since our club is totally independent and beholden to none to follow our own destiny truly free from all other’s rules and protocols. These bikers came from different backgrounds and walks of life. They had a desire to share brotherhood and socialize together as a group of men sharing a like mindset with an iron resolve to have a club of their own under no one’s control or direction.  That is how the IOMC was started and how it is today.  This is the heritage of the IOMC.  We refuse to be dictated to by anyone as to who we have as members, where we can have chapters, what we can wear, where we can go, or what we can do.

Now you have their “Mission Statement”. I was even nice enough to include a link to their FAG website so you can see more of their bullshit explanations on why their club is so good. Now to me Hardcore Bikers dont usually run with “PIGS”. Is it just me Sweat Beads or I’m I that far behind on times? Ask yourself now. Serious!! Why in the hell would cops want to put on a patch in the first place? We already know they have small dicks. Other then that why? Them fuckers love messing with scooter tramps. Scooter tramp riding down the road and the dam cherries pop on for no reason. Drinking a beer and them fuckers come in hounding for an ID. So if scooter tramps are so bad in their eyes, why in the world try to be like us? I get it I really do. We have a pretty cool ass lifestyle. We get all the chicks and most scooter tramps have the best sex lives around. We know how to party and live at the edge of life. Yea I can see where they are jealous and what to experience some of that.

Iron Order M/C the true cess pool of everything that is decent in the Biker World. That new “Rat” show on the History channel. Gangland undercover that’s it. Right now they have a series on about “Charles Falco”. It’s about this rat fuck who infiltrated the Vagos M/C. He got popped running drugs and because he was a sissy rat he agreed to go undercover. First of all a “Rat” is a true lowlife fuck who deserves never to breathe anyone’s oxygen. These people go out there trying to play gangster and when they are caught have to cry and whine putting others under the bus because they have no balls, no honor, no loyalty and are just a waste of space. Well this series uses Iron Order M/C members in order to make it “More Authentic” as the history channel says. LMAO more authentic with Iron Order M/C members. What a fucking joke.  Iron Order members wouldn’t know what the authentic lifestyle was if it hit them in the pisser.

See Iron Order M/C members like going around and trying to intimidate civilians. Act all gangster to those who don’t know any better. This is the same club that shits itself when a real M/C comes a calling and starts flashing that badge. See jackasses you can’t live in both worlds. You can either be a pig or your a biker. Scooter tramps don’t want to sit there hearing “Well it’s my job”. Fuck off Jerky who gives a shit what your job is. Maybe you Leo’s might want to go to a shrink or some shit. Get your identity crises under control before you get hurt butter nuts.

If you look at these fucktards pictures you can clearly see why I put the label of “Fags” on them. All these little sissy’s running around grabbing each others asses. Prospects taking it in the rear. Come on really you cockroaches? When us tramps party we have nice honey’s we rub on. We sure the hell don’t disrespect our rags that by the way “Many brothers gave their lives for”. See you ignorant asses your not liked or respected because 1. Your a bunch of pigs who are trying to be Outlaw Bikers, when something goes wrong you wrong with your tails between your legs. 2. You have no idea about how to respect the lifestyle your trying to be involved in. 3. Your a bunch of fags who like grabbing each others dicks and asses.

You think your sissy club would get the hint when no one even can stomach to look at you bunch of Fucktards. Here’s a suggestion. Become a man. Your ol lady club looks like they have more balls then you. The moral of the story here pussy farts is if you want to join a club. Find a club with some honor. One that is respected in the lifestyle. Don’t go out there searching for anything that will put a patch on your back. Do your time and learn from those who have put in the work. If you go join a sissy group like the Iron Order your just asking for trouble. I’m out fucktards. See you all later

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  1. Don’t really care who the fuck you are asshole but you are one fucked up moron. You talk the talk but reading your shit screams fucking loser who thinks he knows the life. The only thing you know is what you read. You are the yuppie you write about and it shows through. Get the fucking reality right fucktard, of how it was and how it is before you run your pie hole. Unless you did 5 years in the big house you don’t know shit about the life so quit writing about what you don’t know anything about. Go back to watching SOA reruns so you don’t miss any of the life details you say you lived. The jerk offs who read your shit will learn what this shit life is all about and think they’re something they’re not just like your sorry ass. Fucking shit stains all of ya.

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  2. Ah. Our first iron order fag surfaces. T rex such a cute name. Did your girlie friends give you that name? Did I hurt your mangina? How’s that mail order patch working for you? It hurts your vagina not being accepted doesn’t it? Maybe that mail order fee hasn’t worked out quite like you wanted. Maybe you should’ve done it the right way and hungaround a real club babycakes.


  3. Maybe there are actually bikers who DONT Want to hang around meth, stolen bike parts, etc. I got no use for the Iron Order. BUT I also got no use for idiots who write a bunch of shit somehow implying that a patch makes you a real “biker” sorry junior I got over a million miles on scoots have laid down on side streets and highways have been hit by douchebag cagers doing everything but paying attention. How much time you got in the saddle D Bag??


  4. @WOW, another Urine Odor fagala?! Seems like it read fact to me. There are more COPS busted & in jail than bikers, ya dink! Look up the stats. Aww. What am I trying to argue with a moron for.
    No SENSE in it. FOESAD!


  5. Here’s the perfect asshole joining you ass monkeys. He says it all. No respect because there is no fear is what he says. So you monkey asses fear so you respect. That’s how you dumb shits roll.
    Write a reply…

    Dino McBravo Until “someone” steps up and puts their foot down, why wouldn’t these shitbag clubs spring up. Apparently there’s no repercussions, so there it is. There’s no respect cause there’s no fear.
    Like · Reply · 11 · March 28 at 5:36pm


  6. Lol. As this article is totally useless nonsense written by some lonely kid, it is still amuzing due to so many idiotic and false facts. What a moron the writer must be


  7. Iam a long standing member of a 1% club. I do not agree with cop’s playing weekend bikers with patches on thier back’s. Mid-life crisis perhaps. Reguardless, they are popping-up everywhere it seem’s. Shut em down n they call in thier buddies. I had 1 jump me a while back, when I was hurt, I still kicked his ass, then, he went n called the cop’s, ON ME!!! I just try to avoid them, hence try not to see them. It’s a new world, what’s next?!?!


  8. Not all iron order is cops, some are retired veterans, so if you want to disrespect those who sacrifice their lives for you fucks that constantly run your mouth without knowing truly anything, then dig your way to hell and suck on satans dick till he fills your body.


  9. As a former member, in good standing, I will say that the premise behind IO is a good one! Having said that, there are some true bikers in this club that know and live the lifestyle. However, the structure allows some who dont have a clue to run chapters. What you eventually end up with is about 75% of the club members wouldn’t know the biker lifestyle if it smacked them in the face. Sad but true. This is the #1 reason they loose true biker members. Really like how the International Board has it set up, just hard for a real biker to hang on some chapters level. Remember, you can live the lifestyle without being an outlaw. Thats what drew me to the club to began with.


  10. Iron order is not a cop club. Legitimate cop clubs don’t even want to associate with these pieces of shit.


  11. Funny, never knew honorable men whom were also true bad asses, would be such a threat to all of you “real bad asses” lol the fact that you attack them in the first place, lowered your “bad ass man hood” get it? Likely not. I’m a cop thinking about joining and I’ll tell you, I’m 6’2 225 , a professional MMA Fighter, SWAT trained, Hostage Negotiator, I speak Spanish fluently, if you know what the word means? I hold 3 Black Belts, Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu, I grew up in the streets, have been shot at multiple times, stabbed 3 times, yes one by a woman, yet I’m an honorable and don’t kid yourself FORMIDABLE opponent, get educated, because if you fuck with a group of guys like me, come on, not even you are dumb enough to believe you could win.


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