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Oh you don’t ride a Harley? Your not a Biker Dick Cheese.

Oh the dipshits, have pitty on them god of boobs and pussy. How many times do you have to hear this crap from some Rub or wannabee weekend warrior? Got a news flash for all you moran dick pumpers. Harley is no longer an American Made Bike. It is an American Assembled Bike for all you rejects who need me to speak it slowly. Harley contracts manufacturing of parts to plants located all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico.  Those parts are then shipped to Harley factories here.  And these are not just accessories, but components for engines, chassis, and wheels. So while you Dick Pumpers are going around swearing up and down Harley’s are American made your making yourself look a fool. Harley’s New 500cc and 750 models are actually Made in India. You dumb dicks are being fed a line from the company and you fell for it. Harley is a good bike. But it’s not the best out there as the company has you to believe. Harley did a great job of branding itself. They did the best thing a company every could. They branded their logo on the backs of every dam rider out there basically. Every where you go there is the t-shirts and tattoos. What many don’t get is the company sold you out. Did you know the original factory in Milwaukee is just basically the corporate headquarters and museum? Of course not dick loads cause your too busy following the companies brain wash.

Back to even 1929 Harley  Contracted with Rikuo Internal Combustion Company produced actual Harley-Davidson models that carried the Harley-Davidson label, for use by Japanese military and police. It did so up til 1959 way after the war was over. Harley is about Marketing. They were able to market the rebel lifestyle. In 2008 they actually moved factories overseas because of employee costs. Harley Davidson is loosing it’s demographics. Old time scooter tramps are aging and the newer generation don’t rely on the marketing ploys. They see that Yamaha,Suzuki,Honda etc make a better bike.

Most will see from the main picture attached to this article that even the Road Report out this month discussed a comparison between the bikes. The top 5 consisted of 4 Jap makers and the 5th Victory. Even Victory is kicking the hell out of Harley. The numbers and facts don’t lie cum drips. Harley is just a marketing ploy gobbled up by the old timers. It all started after world war 2 and continues up till this day. The Japs were our enemies so everyone should just ride American Bikes. War ended over 70 years ago and the Japs have been our strongest allies since. Not to mention they can build some badass bikes. Shit they even have Harley building smaller cc bikes to keep up with them.

Harley having the mantle of the rebel image is really a thing of the past. They invested in marketing when they should’ve been investing in better bike building skills. That one reason there is why long term they will start to fade away on the scene. After the Vietnam generation is gone, most of the newer generation really won’t buy into that kind of stuff. They want to make sure that when they ride down a rode on a run they are not broken down on the side of the road. I’ve owned tons of Harleys and wish that wasn’t so. But the truth of the matter that’s what it comes down too. Japs are better bike builders. They take the time to really put together a great machine.

Victory and Indian by Polaris is right behind them. When your at the top of the mountain for so long you get too comfortable. It looks like Harley is starting to find that all out as it’s loosing a huge part of the motorcycle market share. I know,I know it’s hard for you dick drips to accept that having a Harley isn’t what makes you a biker.

Ok so your wondering if a dude is riding a Honda or Yamaha what do you classify him as? Well dumb shit the bike really never made the person riding it a biker in the first place. A biker is a lifestyle fucktards. It’s never been about the bike in the first place. It was always HEART. It was your word. It was the way you lived your life that made you a biker. Yes the independence that came from having the wind in your hair was a bonus. Having a nice chick on the bike of your ride was great. But it’s always been about who you were. Not what you rode. I’ve known a many old scooter tramps that never rode a Harley. But them scooter tramps had more heart then any rub I’ve ever seen on a Harley. They lived everyday by their word. Their love for the lifestyle. Quite frankly they were more respected for who they were then what they rode. The wind binds all of us in the lifestyle, but as in any lifestyle we all have our different personalities.

Next time you want to bash someone for riding something other then a Harley just remember everything in this article. Your making yourself look like an ass. Besides that you might just get your ass kicked. You probably will deserve it by the way for being an ass bubble. Friday coming up we will discuss LEO clubs. Yea I know my favorite target lol. Until then I’m outta here. You can follow me on twitter @topfuelabd.

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  1. Why do you care what anybody else rides or why? You sound just like what I think (?) you’re trying to bash here, but with no apparent knowledge of spelling or punctuation. How could you have even managed to type this on a computer without some sort of spell check going absolutely apeshit? I don’t think anyone reading this will likely feel anything but slightly amused at your childish name calling tirade… Possibly a bit sorry for you. You truly present yourself as a fool.


  2. Ah. My lovely little weekend warriors coming out to play. The PILLARS of the English language and 200 a mile riders are upset about my use of the language. Are we a little butt hurt cause Harley isn’t at the front of the class any longer? If you monkey suckers read the article it was all about you. See you Rubs as we old scooter tramps like to call you Droopy Titty chasers, don’t really care who rides what. The article was to give you a fact finding mission for the next time you point your golden noses up in the air towards someone not riding a Harley. See I own 2 Harleys (Bagger and Softail) as well as a Midnight Star. I enjoy riding all three. But what is really disgusting is seeing you mid life crises dip shits go out and buy a ride after dick jerking to jax on SOA and think you have the right to judge others for riding what they ride. Hotrodz n Harley. Yep you already proven my point. A rub on a midlife crises trying to buy all the toys up to impress some 20 yr old something hottie that wouldn’t suck on poor little willie without all the toys. @John WTF stop using my cheese dick line you dam imposter.


  3. There’s much truth to what you said. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all as to which scoot is better than another. Riding is riding. I still dig stuff like the old Honda 550 & 750 4 cylinders, as well as many other bikes. Yes, Harley is good at marketing. If you look at the history, the biker clubs basically saved Harley from extinction yet they turned their back on the clubs to sell expensive bikes to those that can afford it. It’s no longer a poor man’s scoot. With that said, I love my Harley the same way I love my Chevy’s. I don’t care if a Honda or a Ford is better. What I buy and build fits me and my lifestyle. If anybody gets butt-hurt over what you wrote maybe they should question why their little feelings got hurt. BTW, yes, I’m a biker and I ride the living shit out of all the bikes I’ve had. I make no apologies that I can afford an over-priced piece of shit that cost me thousands to modify into something I want. Again – it fits me and my riding style. Forgot to mention, your blog posts are pretty humorous. I don’t know anything about you, but it’s entertaining – and hell, life is too short not to enjoy it.


  4. some shit rat writer is trying to pass himself off as a biker, but he’s just a pissed off rub looking for attention and this site is a joke, it’s list of motorcycle clubs list 3 piece patch clubs but none of the oldest clubs, SFMC, OMC, PMC, YMC, CCMC which had it’s roots as a bicycle club from the 1880’s … sucking up to the 1%’ers shit rat ??.. you have plenty of wrong information here but that’s okay because you’re the so called expert in all things Harley… you’ve got nothing new to report on the bikes being built with parts outsourced from distant lands, what’s the news flash there and your info on the Rikuo deal is wrong … yeah the japs build good bikes, but not great ones and they had to copy HD to do what that.. the Jap bikes and BMW’s aren’t perfect either, know of quite a few new bikes that have broken down, one bud even got his beemer replace because his months old new beemer’s engine died… Competition from Polaris with their Indian and Victory brands with be good for riders, but those bikes have issues too so cut the BS…. your hit piece on HD is obvious, you think you’re smelling blood… but I bet you’re investing when the stock price gets to your striking point…. I’ve seen it before, bet I’ve been around a lot longer than you, and I’ll be here when your gone … pretty obvious you’re more into writing than riding too, let us know when you get 150K miles on your 3 bikes..


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