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Living the life: Old School Beer,Bikes and Babes, Now and Then

Hey Pecker Dicks !! How the hell have all you ball hairs been doing? It’s that time again to write a few words down about the goings on in the lifestyle. I know you sweaty balls look forward to the weekly blogs posted here on Twisted Throttle so here we go. I was on Facebook the other day and a question came in from a reader. His question was ” I got a tattoo the other day and my 23 year old son said now I’m a full fledge Biker. Is this the case? When can I call myself a biker?” Ok you pussy drips you all know I’m going to jump on that opening. My response is this, If you have to ask you dumb shit then maybe you should go back to riding a moped cum bubble. Yea I know cut the cum bubble some slack, he’s probably been watching Sons Of Anarchy and it’s not his fault for being a ass scratch. Pretty sad thing is these kinds of peoples thinking gets a lot of people killed because they get on a machine acting like something they are not. That doesn’t state not to try. But get the dumb shit out of your head. Take a riders course, get to know your sled and be you. Not what some tag your trying to live up too.

Ok rant is over dip shits so let’s get into some fun stuff. Living the life of a everyday biker. You smurf dicks and mickey shits all think you know how to live the lifestyle. So lets compare the way the lifestyle has evolved over the years. Our featured image of this weeks blog sum’s up what the 60’s,70’s and even the early 80’s was about. Hard partying,Hard Riding and might I even goes as far as to saying HARD SEX. A photo like this is probably what you smurf dick rubs wanted to be apart of. The image of a Harley Davidson and a party that lasted all weekend with enough sex,drugs and rock n roll to last a lifetime. Imagining being apart of something like that got your little pecker hard? Well then a reality check hits you in the ass. Shit isn’t like that now a days. What the fuck with the false advertising?

Now smurf cunts it wasn’t false advertising. That’s how bikers and the lifestyle once was before all the politically correct tree hugging wannabees invaded the lifestyle. Worse yet it was the Motor Company that helped them do it. See Harley forget it was this generation of biker that help support them and stood behind them even when they went bankrupt. Well that’s an entirely different subject and blog all together isn’t it? This lifestyle that so many of us old scooter tramps treasured has gone to the Rubs. Shit I seen the other day a video that was posted on Facebook.  It was titled “All about my Bike” and had some fat ugly elephant looking bitch singing while her crotch munchers were in the back ground trying to dance (Well them horse dicks sure proved white men sure the hell can’t dance). Please you don’t want me to go on about the dudes in this video, holy fucking shit they embody the word “Wannabee”.

I really have to give it to the “Rocket Generation”. At least these younger ones know how to party. Not to mention the muff is a hell of a lot better to stare at then those Elephant turds in that video. Shit just watching that video should give viagra all it needs to sell out of that wonderful blue pill. Yea the lifestyle has degraded to that kind of crap. We’ve been invaded by a bunch of monkey balls who are trying to relive the rebel youth days. It’s these kinds of retards and cum bubbles that ruined places like Sturgis and Daytona on us.  It use to be an all out boob and muff vest. Now a nice piece gets a ticket for showing the boobies. Nice going Rat Turds, you tree huggers ruined it for everyone.

Our lifestyle use to be about Beer,Bikes and Boobs. Shit now its about who has the biggest RV parked in the campground after having pulled a 30,000 chopper have way across the country. News flash donkey dicks. A ride to Sturgis use to consist of riding hard all day long and throwing a spread on the side of the road after a night full of drinking and screwing. That right there was traveling in style. Yes even the old timers who were 60 and 70 got down that way. Now the state of the Biker community is “It’s all about my bike” videos with elephant looking broads and some tight wad wannabees making the white man look pretty dam stupid.

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