That time again dumb shits for a piece of my demented brain and the thoughts that come out of it. As many readers know Leo Clubs and myself just don’t see eye to eye. Just today while going to court I’m going through the metal detector. Well since I have tattoos all over the dumb ass cop asked- What kind of Scooter do you ride? I pause and ask him what ? He goes What kind of Scooter do you ride. Well first off you dumb shit I’m here to file some motions and I’m already aggravated about being here. Secondly I just don’t like cops. Too make matters worse you use terminology that just don’t sound right coming out of your mouth. So I said I have a Jincheng. Inside joke here I own a 2003 Softail but not telling king pork any shit even as something as small as what kind of scooter I have. Well this dumb fuck comes back and says “Honda is turning out some good stuff. Harley won’t be able to keep up for long”. Stunned because this ass thought he knew what the hell he was talking about I started to walk away. I turned and looked at him and says that’s a Chinese piece of trash you idiot now go back to being a cop cause you sure the hell don’t know about bikes. Well everyone in line had a chuckle at his expense lol.

Well lets get talking about some cool shit here. Everyone has too give our Firefighters and Paramedics their due. After all these folks put their life on the line going into burning buildings and shit all the time. These group of people are the true working class heroes.

Axemen M/C- One of the bigger Firefighter clubs out there is the Axemen M/C. This group has chapters all over the United States. Like on the job these individuals continue the cause of helping people in need through rides and charity work. A lot of the members are also involved in ABATE as well as other motorcycle rights organizations. Besides them being true heroes to those who need life saving, most of the full timers are Union Strong. They believe in working class unions which we all know represent the working man in this fucked up business only world.  You can learn more about this bunch at .

Smoke and Iron Firefighters M/C- This is one club that is the shit. They are made up of Volunteer and Full Time Firefighters. What’s even better is in big letters on their website is ” No Law Enforcement or Correctional Officers” Lol what’s not to like about a statement like that. This club is also National and was started in 2006. These brothers share a love for their career and for each other.

Leatherheads M/C – From Their about section -Leatherheads Firefighter Motorcycle Club was formed in February of 2010 by a group of firefighters, some of which left another firefighter motorcycle club. After years in the other club we felt it was straying away from being a Firefighters MC, which was the direction we wanted to pursue. After discussions were completed with the major clubs in the area our first chapter, or Mother Chapter, was formed and designated the Central Florida Chapter. The original members of the Mother Chapter are the “Founders” of this club. Always nice to see even the non profit clubs following protocol the correct way.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Why put out mentions to some of the firefighter clubs? Well it’s pretty simple fuck tards. These and the rest of the Firefighter clubs deserve mention. It’s nice to see that the brotherhood extends outside of the job. Yea I know you Leo stalkers will say that your brotherhood extends past the job as well. Problem is you cock chokers, your brotherhood is more corrupt then anything any of us have seen. It also dont help your cause that Monday thru Friday your out there trying to bust our ass and on the weekends want to act like us. Shit that was never more true then today walking into a court house and dick dribble thought he could talk shop.  I’ll never forget that morons look when I made him look like an idiot. Well one for the good guys anyways.


*Update- Two of the clubs you mentioned came from Fire & Iron mc. Fire & Iron mc started 1999. Being the original national president for Fire & Iron mc for12 years. We took rules from other Firefighter clubs and 1%er clubs and stripped them down. Fire & Iron mc was probably the second largest firefighter club in this United States. In your article you fail to mention the two original clubs who paved the way for all firefighter mc Wind & Fire mc and the Red Knights mc. Of the many firefighter mc their are several that are support clubs for various 1% clubs . After 15 years with Fire & Iron mc myself and other left and formed another firefighter mc with even less rules Dogs of Fire mc. Ride safe brother,
Mike “Caveman” Moss Nat. prez of Dogs of Fire mc

*Please check out we are a international made up of full/part time & retired EMS. Our mother chapter is in Wisconsin.
Thank you
Larry (L-TRAIN) Reed
President West Michigan chapter EMS ROADDOCS


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