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Cum Suckers-Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators

Yep old Steve Cook. Self Proclaimed “Expert” on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. This half a fag goes around the country under the “Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association”. I know a bunch of cops circle jerking each other trying to get themselves hard because they have to settle for chasing innocent bikers around because they never grew a pair to be one of us. Here is a dude who is only a detective in Kansas City pushing himself out there as the king of kings who knows everything that has to do with motorcycle clubs. I’m sure you seen dumb shit on the history channel as some kind of expert telling the citizens of this country that everyone wearing a 3 piece patch is nothing but a criminal. By the way I’m telling you dude is a fag. Just look at his lips. You know he’s talking a bunch on his knees to get where he is today.

Lets take a look at limp dicks website shall we? Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association.

“Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their membership present a unique challenge to law enforcement in the United States and abroad due to their mobility, organization, finances and secrecy.

The threats posed by these organizations not only to law enforcement but the public as a whole are great. Unfortunately many law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies do not perceive these groups to be worthy of any significant attention because generally there activities are clandestine in nature and rarely discussed outside of their circle.

In order to properly access these organizations abilities it is necessary for interested law enforcement officers to possess the information and tools to gather credible intelligence information that can in turn be used as investigative leads towards prosecutions of members of these groups.”

So right off these dumb shits are throwing all bikers who are apart of a 3 piece patch club into the criminal category. Basically what Miss Piggy is saying with their mission statement is everyone who throws on a patch is a criminal and the public should be worried. Don’t mention though that most in clubs are hard working blue collar workers who just want to support their families and hang out with others who share the passion for the lifestyle like them.

Lets go a little deeper into Cooks motives shall we? Another part of his website states:

The Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association can provide several resources to law enforcement and private entities on issues relating to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.
Law Enforcement:
Expert Witness Testimony (Prosecution Only)
Specialized Training Programs
Private Sector:
Interviews for books being written on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Interviews for television, radio, newspapers
Consulting services for Television and Movies
Contact Executive Director Steve Cook at 816-718-2189 for information on any of the above services.

I might be a little ignorant here. It does look like on the face value of that statement Steve Cook is looking to make a little bit of money. How can you blame him though? Bribes and illegal search and seizures isn’t bringing him enough so he has too go out there and make a living by attacking the character of Motorcycle Clubs and making them into something they are not. I really enjoy the part about the private sector don’t you? Do thinks he’s a dam movie star or something.

What is even more messed up is they even try copying M/Cs by selling their own t-shirts based on skulls and bikes. I like their cute little motto ” They can run , but they can’t ride”. What a bunch of fags lol. Whats even more screwed up is this ass writes a book about a firefighter on pills battling the Vagos motorcycle club. Wonder if they know this dip shit used their name in his fantasy book?

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  1. As s biker and ex british cop., having
    Been medically retired over 5 years ago with ptsd . this is unbelievable !
    A. This group of outlaw gang investigators would not even be allowed to operate here , i think the US suffers greatly with being such s big continent and having so many different LE outfits its the basis of all problems ! I mean come on , town cop sherriff state county then federal there is just to much scope for problems , here each county has 1 force and thats it !
    Having read the article re the Iron Order shooting , i see them refered to as cops , again here they are prison warders , and believe me cops and them dont mix theres no issues of who is better or more power ! Personally i cant see why someone would want to work in a place where everyone is trying to get out of !
    I think there are chapters of IO here but i ‘ve never seen them !
    Also there seems to be more friction over there than here in the UK ! The usual big 4 do their thing and i believe there is a kind of you stay out of our way we stay out of yours!
    As for this wannabe super gang buster. Like i said he/ they would not even be allowed to operate here , sounds like a prize tool to me !
    Be safe be well


  2. Thank you for this input. It is good to look at it from a point of view as yours. It is screwed up here in the states. And this task force or whatever the money maker calls it…total bullshit.
    Thanks again for your input Rob.


  3. Rob, I find it hard to believe you were ever a cop — partially because you claim to be a biker in the UK (and WHAT do you ride?), partially because you admit you have a mental disability, but mostly it’s because you write like a semi-literate child. It’s hard to determine what you’re whining about. Your opinion of what goes on in the US is moot.


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