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Cop Clubs like Iron Order : An In depth Look

The Following is a Article Written By someone with the handle “Infidel” . He sent it to Rebel who runs the Blog Site “The Aging Rebel”. This article is by far the best ever written on the subject of Cop Clubs. So take time to read the article. Pass this onto everyone. Again Bravo for taking the time to break down the thinking of these cops who form these cop clubs. To see the original article visit the Aging Rebel

This morning, a reader with the screen handle Infidel wrote:

“Ok, bear with me.

“I am not affiliated with law enforcement nor 1% clubs in any manner. I do ride a HD and love it.

“I have written several papers on LEMCs (during my graduate work on subcultures) and the issues surrounding the acrimony expressed by 1% clubs towards the ‘posers’. As well, the seemingly real backlash against LEMC members from other cops and managers. (Begging the question, why belong to a LEMC?)

“This research and interviews took place prior to the rise of the IO and consisted of approx. 20 members of notable LEMCs including the Iron Pigs (and others). Most had nothing bad to say about the 1% clubs and made it clear their LEMCs did not have members that would be placed in positions of investigating 1% club members. Several admitted they passed files to other cops as not to bring unwanted attention to their club. None of the members were in management positions and tended to be ‘street oriented’ rather than seeking higher positions or awards from superiors.

“While little respect was shown by 1%r clubs, with a very few exceptions there seemed to be little actual conflict between the older LEMCs and the 1% clubs.

“Why is the IO despised over and above the others to the point of fight on sight?

“Is there some difference between the ‘regular’ LEMCs and the IO?”

The Aging Rebel replies:

Dear Infidel,

Good question! Let me try to respond in a way that an anthropologist or a sociologist might understand.

First, you need to understand that the Iron Order is a tethered goat, the one percenter clubs are lions and the Department of Justice is the hidden lion hunter.

The Iron Order goes out of its way to provoke confrontations with members of other clubs in order to assert the Iron Order’s dominance over them. The Iron Order is the most aggressively territorial of all the outlaw clubs and, as a simple matter of normal pride, nobody in the other clubs will tolerate being bullied or dominated.


One truism in the motorcycle club world is “Give respect, get respect.” The Iron Order’s club culture is aggressively rude.

Members of all traditional clubs live by an honor code. One aspect of that code is very Norse. Personally, I think motorcycle clubs are a manifestation of a folkway that dates at least to Beowulf ( Fifth Century Scandinavia) and may have originated around the time the Romans crossed the Rhine (about 100 BC). Vikings believed it was cowardly to flee fewer than five opponents. One percenters do not back down from fights. They “hold their mud.”  So, when someone tries to bully, dominate or disrespect them they fight – as a matter of honor.

In Denver for example, Mongols, Hells Angels, Bandidos and Sons of Silence all found a way to peacefully coexist. Only the Iron Order started a fight and then used deadly force to settle it.

Hillbilly Omerta

Another part of that honor code to which all outlaws subscribe requires that one percenters never cooperate with the prosecution. Even when it is their enemy that is being prosecuted they can only testify for the defense. The one percenter world view is that the justice system is arbitrary and unjust. One percenters handle their own business. They stand apart. They are self-sufficient. The motorcycle club world is the last gasp of the American frontier – the frontier reduced to, to use the currently fashionable academic description, an “ideology.” Modern historians usually cite John F. Kennedy’s call for a “new frontier” as an early example of this “ideology.” And that was just about the time outlaw motorcycle clubs – as something separate from, say, juvenile delinquency – became fixed in the popular imagination.

The Iron Order picks and chooses the ways in which it wants its members to present as outlaws (or new frontiersmen) and, as a tactic to assert dominance over other clubs, Iron Order members cooperate with law enforcement. So once they provoke a fight with another club, they cooperate with the police and play the victim. They also carry out assaults on members of other clubs, safe in the knowledge that their victims will not go to the police. I know of one Iron Order club officer who invited a member of another club to fight and would not stop taunting the member of the other club. So the member of the traditional club punched and knocked down the Iron Order officer. And, as the victor tried to walk away, the Iron Order officer at his feet grabbed the victor’s leg and shouted, “Stop! I am making a citizen’s arrest and lawfully detaining you!”

The Biker Angel- Insane Throttle Biker News Motorcycle news


Meanwhile, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives lies hidden, waiting for the one percenter clubs to retaliate. Those potential retaliations can be used as predicates in federal racketeering prosecutions. Recently in Texas, the Department of Justice unsealed a racketeering indictment against the Bandidos for declaring war on the Cossacks. Besides being factually untrue, the indictment fails to elaborate what might have provoked the Bandits to make that statement. The federal idea is simply that the Bandidos are bad and the Cossacks were their victims.

The idea in this country, in Europe and in Australia, is to achieve public relations victories that will keep the tax dollars flowing into agencies like the ATF – where the average agent makes about $200,000 a year.  In reality, motorcycle clubs are not much of a public danger and there really isn’t much need for the ATF – the fireworks and cigarette police which has assumed the role of the motorcycle club police.

The Iron Order exploits all the most popular tropes. They are haunted war heroes, alienated outsiders, rough and tough rebels, and at the same time they are law-abiding, holier than thou do-gooders.


The context of all this is that biker cops, like Jay Dobyns for example, or Ashley Charles Wyatt who goes by the stage name Charles Falco, see themselves a mythic heroes. They present themselves as mythic heroes. Publishers and producers present them as mythic heroes. And, mythic heroes need mythic villains – which is where motorcycle clubs come in. In the same way that only the Iron Order cooperates with police, only police agencies – and the Iron Order and recently the Cossacks Motorcycle Club – bother to manipulate the media.  Together, the police and the Iron Order engineer the perceived reality of what happens in these confrontations that the Iron Order provokes. The Iron Order portrays its members as blameless victims who suffer because they are heroes. Local, federal and state police agencies portray modern motorcycle clubs as the Born Losers from the first Billy Jack movie in 1967. As far as most journalists are concerned, motorcycle clubs are the Born Losers preserved in amber because that’s what the police press releases all say.

And, God forbid a reporter should actually get off his ass and investigate alternative angles to a biker story when the police press release is right there in front of him. No reporter has ever gotten fired for trusting the police as an impeccable source but many reporters have been fired for pissing off the cops and losing access to important information that only the police can provide.

All real motorcycle clubs are brotherhoods united by love. It is a considerable achievement to earn a patch from a motorcycle club. Earning a patch is a life altering event – for both better and worse. Most members are better men after they patch. The Iron Order parodies and mocks this way of being a man and members of other clubs are infuriated by this.

I say Bravo and good form to this writer. Dam Good Article



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  1. An not and. And denotes two things such as apple and orange. An is singular such as an apple or an orange.


  2. The iron order is not a cop club. They may have a few cops in their chapters but very few. This article is a typical omg tactic of bullying and playing victim when they get their asses handed to them. Both the iron order and the omg are idiots


  3. For starters who ever wrote this story has a few good points but very few you talk about stuff that don’t pertain to what happen I have to say with total regret I once was in iron order the worst choice I made the best was leaving them but I have to say from being their they are not an never will be a cop club they start shit an when it comes back on them they call the cops most law enforcement do not associate with them they claim to have law enforcement in their club if they do its very few an they only claim it to protect them selfsame from other clubs that would other wise shut them down so before you try to label them as a cop club know the facts first again they will never be a lemc an the lemc clubs I know of love to ride an have the brother hood like everyone else an do not claim to be anything more than what they are a law enforcement motor cycle club I give all respect to the 1% clubs for what they have done by starting this great life of riding an brotherhood I give the lemc clubs the same respect for what they do every day putting their life on the line they is good an bad in everything you get what you give as far as iron order I have no respect they claim to be a lemc they are not they start it then call the law they act like 1%r they are not….


  4. I have had the privilege of being around several 1% clubs over the years. Even been invited to prospect for a couple. I have to say that this is a dead on description of what happening within the biker world today and it sucks! The biker community is being bombarded by posers and wanna bees. It’s a damn shame what’s happening today to true Blue Americans! I may not wear a patch but I have unmeasurable respect for those that do. Even though I am not in a club I still try to follow the “Code” Respect


  5. The IO may well have some LE but it is also military, corrections, fire, EMS and civillian. Lets be clear that it is a mixed bag and not a LEMC. The IO has had tremendous growth. Part of if not the problem. Lets say you can’t just buy your patch but it’s pretty damn close. The downside is there is no control who gets in because there is no control over individual chapters and they have spread like wildfire. Probationary chapters with probationary members with quantity over quality and no order among members and no oversight by Mother. They have run amuck because the doors wide open and a lot of idiots have gotten in. On a side note, the shooter in Denver was a corrections officer. Not at all suprised due to the fact it has been harder and harder to fill that job. A lot of the street has gotten in becaused standards have been relaxed because not a whole lot of people wanting the job.


  6. As an ” outlaw biker ” I want the facts laid bare , io should not be allowed to fly anywhere and if they act like us they should be scrutinized like us and treated by Leos like us fair is fair and if they don’t want fair then bleed like every body else and earn respect ! Don’t try to take respect, this game is like oil soap and water step down too hard you slip and fall hard.


  7. Pussy’s, with patches! Personally never felt the need to join a club of any kind. I ride for the sheer enjoyment of it. I respect other riders and treat them no differently than other human beings. I also wore a badge off and on for 18 years when I worked in Law Enforcement. Even IF I was still in Law Enforcement, I would never concider riding with these bitches, let alone wear thier patch. LONE WOLF RIDER, Respect gets respect.


  8. I wonder what they will talk about in church this week ? I can only speculate but maybe they will be having a “Pig Roast” soon ? Another Asshole wants to tell MBBM that the next time you talk to your bitch “kong” tell him FUCK YOU & The URINE ODOR !! YOU GOT THAT IO ?
    GOT THAT kong ?
    GOT THAT mbbm? Fuck You All you cock suckers !!


  9. Huh? Corrections Officers are LEOs in many jurisdictions. I’m a Blue Knight the original cop club, and a CO. The Iron Order appears to have many assholes among its members, but that’s got zero to do with my honorable profession.


  10. Much like one turd in a bowl of punch makes for a shitty drink. One known LEO in a MC makes it a cop club.


  11. I’m not for or against any m.c. But it seems to me that all these articles on readit , aging rebel, ect ect spewing bullshit about clubs like the iron order are one sided bias! Let’s examine the shooting in Florida , 4 guys jump one unarmed prospect using brass knuckles and even had the forthaught to put mouth guards in . If you ask me no killing is justified but these 1% clubs need to get there heads out of thier asses yea the iron order didn’t ask permission to fly the state rocker or to assemble the club in the first place . But who did the 1%ers ask? Hmm hypocritical much? This great country was founded on beliefs we are givin , rights , rights witch are defended by blood and lives by our military! The right to assemble , freedom of expression , and the list goes on! Most one presenters are former military and as such should recognize these values but I believe arrogance and the look I’m the biggest dog factor blur the lines. No one in this country should have to fear some “bullies ” or dare I say god damn terrorists assaulting them because they want to express there God given rights to freedoms granted to them as Americans ! When shootings like this happen I say better off one less scumbag in my country . Live by the sword die by the sword. Act like an animal die like one. Iron order , hells angels, outlaws , or even h.o.g. Are all just people trying to find a brotherhood a place to fit in and belong. These clubs need to find a way to coexist and realize our government is the real enemy not each other. United we stand devided we fall!


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