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Iron Order Member a Drunking Cop Started Shooting in Denver


Yes it was just confirmed that a off duty corrections officer fired on the Mongols. None of the Mongols had any weapons on them at the time.

Stubbs an Attorney for the Mongols States “Stubbs said he believes Denver police are releasing few details because the Iron Order membership includes law enforcement officers.”

Wow the news is starting to get things right for once “The corrections officer was a member of a motorcycle group made up mostly of off-duty law enforcement that, on Saturday, clashed with members of another club at the crowded Colorado Motorcycle Expo, a gathering of such groups from around the country”

I am confused. Is it not correct that Denver Conceal Carry specifically states that you can not carry while around alcohol? I guess the law don’t apply to cops does it? These cops wonder why they are targets on the streets. Everyone is so sick and tired of the god complexes these circle jerks have towards the public. Of course this cop is going to try and claim self defense.

“The corrections officer fired in self-defense, Whitfield said. He would not say whether he fired the fatal shot. Prisons spokeswoman Adrienne Jacobson confirmed an employee was involved in the shooting but would not identify him. He was not in police custody as of Sunday night, Whitfield said”.

I also find something interesting that is floating over the internet. Shit some of the jack nuts making comments have even said it. Iron Order a 1% club lmao. Your shitting me right? Lets get this straight. 1%ers are not no dam cops, do not order their patches over the internet, most importantly don’t go around bro jacking each other like these cum chokers. Iron Order will never be respected by anyone but themselves.

The Iron Order Jumped into the big boys sandbox now! Be having a going out of business sale on them patches? I think so. You cannot hide behind those badges while wearing a 3 piece rag. You sure the hell cant go around thinking your actions won’t go without retribution. Retribution is exactly what these Iron Order shit bubbles need.

I actually feel sorry for anyone joining these dick lickers. Do they inform potential members that the patch they just bought can bring on accidents? Do they use the cops inside the club to protect themselves when they get all stupid like they did in this shooting? Kinda makes you wonder why the Feds are not trying to use RICO against them. Oh wait that’s right. The whole dam club is full of Pigs.

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Source: Yahoo News

Lets not forget to pass around this pussys picture for everyone to see. The Off Duty Correction Officer who was drunk and firing his gun12647286_490259217843137_2253832112305148295_n



  1. Every human is prone to human error. We have all made mistakes in our lives. Let those who are pure cast the first stone. Just cause he had does not make all those that wear a patch, badge., etc. Is perfect, it is a job.


  2. Not to mention they probably ruined the best bike Expo In the state . Hopefully they will treat this like anybody’s committed crime . At least you could only hope so but again there cop.s so probably not . Sad so sad can’t like this situation at all sucks


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