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Derrick”Kong”Duran of Iron Order Still No Charges

Tough guy prison guard and Iron Order patch holder Derrick “Kong” Duran is still free today. Duran probably murdered Mongols Motorcycle Club member Victor “Nubs” Mendoza last Saturday and he is unlikely to be charged.

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  1. Dong should be his nickname not kong cause he is a bitch and a pussy if he gotta pull a gun out in a fist fight. He was and is the biggest punk bitch. He needs to go to prison so he can become someones bitch in there to. Iron order is a bunch of fake ass broads and ho’s the whole club is a joke. They are not an omc they belong to the vesspa riding faggots of america.


  2. Awesome read !! Glad someone reports the facts ! Thanks for your service to the biker community as a whole !
    Boo Boo


  3. Iron Order mail order patch bitches!Your bitches wear a patch?You arrest bikers during the day then try to be like us during the night and weekends.SYLO SYLBP


  4. You should know that the gun was pulled on Kong first .. Kong pulled his gun in self defense .. should probably do better research before bashing or slandering anyone


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