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Blurring the Lines Between Police and Bikers

The Iron Order club insists it is a law-abiding, charitable brotherhood of family men who just like to ride. But experts say its members are increasingly becoming entangled in violence with other biker groups, blurring the line between professionals who are sworn to uphold the law and a biker culture with a long history of criminal activity.
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Dam about time the idiot press start seeing what all of us bikers have for about a decade now.

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  1. What really makes a man wealthy is not how many toys he has or how many people he calls brother.
    The mesure of a man is how he treats others.
    If a man has no respect for him self then it is impossible for him to respect others.
    With out personal self worth and the compassion of a good woman a man is only fooling himself. Machoism, pride and other attitudes are only a front designed to cover up the inadequacies of a frail soul.
    Are you different?
    Is your soul truley free?
    A real man doesn’t have to put on a front or a cut in order to be a man.
    We chose to draw close to our family and lift our brothers up so our lives can be free from tyranny.
    If you have always treated others with truth and honesty.
    Then you have a good start in knowing what it means to be a man.
    If a man can count on only one person during the span of his life then he is truly wealthy.


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