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Mongols M/C Make Statement about Denver

“The Mongols Motorcycle Club is confidant that the many independent witnesses will tell the truth and that this matter will be handled appropriately. Everyone has the right to defend themselves from physical confrontation. If someone is threatened or attacked, that person has the right to stand up for himself and use appropriate force to defend against that threat. However, any force used to defend yourself must be reasonable. Pulling a gun after one of your buddies pushes someone is not reasonable and cannot be self defense. Shooting an unarmed person that tries to disarm you after you unlawfully brandish a gun cannot be self defense. Running to the top of the stairs, pointing a gun at the crowd below and shooting an unarmed man that bravely tried to disarm you cannot be self defense.

You can read the rest of the article at The Aging Rebel

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  1. Every man has the right to bear arms in self-defense! If any man tries to disarm me, he will be shot dead. No government has the right to keep me from protecting myself. Are you free men or slaves?


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