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Waco PD Caused Deadly Fight in hopes of RICO Charges

By: James “Topfuel”Macecari

“The bikers believe this provides a clue to the Waco P.D.’s ongoing silence: The cops know their response was overzealous, possibly unlawful, and now they’re covering it up. Some bikers believe there’s an even more sinister explanation: that a firefight of some kind was supposed to happen—that it was all part of a plan by the Waco P.D. to provoke bitter rivals into a public brawl that could be violently crushed and then used as a basis for sweeping RICO indictments.” (Source GQ)

The fight that broke out between the Cossacks & Bandidos last May is now being described by mainstream media as an organized police hit job. Reports are that the Waco PD and other law enforcement agencies were already in mass before the Confederation of Clubs meeting got started. It is now believed that the police intentionally started the fight in hopes of a massive RICO case against both clubs.

Both clubs were unaware of who fired the first shots and now believe that officers on scene were first to fire causing massive confusion. Of all the bikers killed that day all were killed by Police bullets. No one died as a result of the two clubs fighting after hearing the first shots ring out. This was a hit job by the Waco PD. It was intentional and rivals only the the Branch Compound the ATF stormed in which Men,Women and Children were killed by the government.

Police Departments all over the country have gotten out of hand. Their taste for power is putting them onto the same plane as Hitlers SS troops. If these police can stage such a event in Waco, don’t think for a minute it cannot happen in your neck of the woods. We seen in Waco a massive detention of innocent people, most of whom were held on million dollar bonds. Phone calls now being release show police holding or staging Ambulances during the whole event and refusing to come to the aid of those who needed help. These enforcement officials were hoping for a body count so they could use it to forge a trumped up case against innocent people.

“By his final press conference, Swanton seemed to be struggling to defend his early characterizations of the clubs. A reporter asked, “Can you please respond to criticism…that not all 170 [jailed bikers] are criminals, that a lot of [them] are totally innocent and had nothing to do with the shooting?” “No, I can’t respond to that,” Swanton shot back, then hastily moved on. For a while, Swanton continued posting press releases about the shootings on the Waco P.D.’s Facebook page, but all of them have since been deleted.” (Source GQ)

From the video above you can tell that the shots and ruckus came from outside. If the Bandidos and Cossacks were going at it like police claim, you think all patch holders would be involved and not just sitting around. Once the video was released by mainstream media and the questions started arising about the incident the cops went quiet. The cops could not even answer basic questions on why so many people were detained. Some of those detained were active and former military members who were just there for the COC meeting.

The police got Karma shoved right up their ass when this video was made public. It proves that no hostilities existed until the shots were fired. Fired from some new jack cop under the orders of his superiors I’m betting. If we as a society don’t keep public officials in check then we are going to have more incidents like this. We are going to see cops firing at people and killing them because they want the god complex. This is America and unless we as Americans stand up to Rogue Agencies like this, the rights that many have fought and died for will be for nothing.

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  1. MESSIAH SYNDROME! …Thats what i call most cops these days. i was in Laughlin years ago and we knew then it all started with murder by cop on the hwy that morning. ACAB


  2. Yea lets blame a dumbass gang war on the negligence of the cops to break it up. I guess these guys believe they’re still in middle school and somebody will stop their scuffle


  3. Please post your evidence for supporting this statement: “Of all the bikers killed that day all were killed by Police bullets. ”
    …I’m not asking to be confrontational. On the contrary , I would LOVE to see evidence or a interview quote saying that conclusively. THE ONLY references I’ve seen in (supposedly) reputable, quotable print is: “our of the dead bikers and at least one of the wounded were hit by bullets from .223-caliber bullets, the only weapon fired by Waco police officers that day, AP reported, citing ballistics reports and forensic evidence.
    Two of the dead had wounds from only that kind of rifle bullets; the other two were shot by other guns as well. The rest of the victims were killed by bullets fired from a variety of other guns, AP noted, adding it was not clear whether any of the bikers arrested at Twin Peaks had .223 caliber rifles. Among the 400 or so weapons seized by the police were 12 “long guns,” according to the agency.
    The ballistics analysis was conducted by the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences.
    In June, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman said that his officers had fired a total of 12 rounds, using the semi-automatic setting on their rifles.
    If y’all have any on sight quotes or knowledge of other forensic evidence, knowledge of that would be WONDERFUL. PLEASE SHARE. Thank you


  4. The forensics reports and autopsy reports are all on a post of the Aging Rebel site. ALL of the dead were shot by Rifle rounds. No bikers carry long rifles in their bikes. The idea is ludicrous and simply stupid. It would be the ultimate “please pull me over and screw with me, officer” excuse. The fact that the AP said that some bikers may have had long guns is simply them repeating the crap that Swanton lied about.
    Even a shortened muzzle AR wouldn’t fit into most saddlebags, and sure as hell wouldn’t be concealable under a vest!!

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  5. Of course it was a planned set-up. The cops do that to get brownie points (and more money) from the idiot politicians. They feel everyone with a patch on is a terrorist – an enemy of humanity. Talk to a cop for a while and it’ll be apparent how they think.


  6. And you want to know why everybody is hateing cops more and more everyday , but , that’s the plan , thus way it can get to a point where they can be able to act like the S S ! There close now with black uniforms , black cars and all the swat shit , look out everybody , it’s a game plan that has been allready planned

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  7. Many pertinent parts of the video did not make it past the editing room floor. While on the surface looking boring, there is a gap between the scene with everyone on the patio and the first shot. There are very few in the camera frame when the first shot is fired. Also prior to this, there are multiple people checking weapons that they are carrying in the group on the patio, all caught on the patio cameras. This group files outside when the other group arrives and attempts to park.
    The videos released are a PR move by the local police department to maintain some semblance of competency. The group who carried out this action, being guided by whomever was pulling their strings, is using what has been made public to attempt to gain public sympathy.
    When the full videos are finally released, much of the setup, much of the intent, is painfully obvious, and will likely cause the conviction of many pictured in the above video. What is more likely to happen is that many of those in the video will either turn state’s witness or continue to pick up their check from their local field office.


  8. It’s good that Waco is continued to be discussed and scrutinized but this is way off the deep end me for what we know to be true based on ballistic evidence (reviews by defense experts not Aging Rebel) and eye witness accounts from patch holders at the incident. Did law enforcement have a hand in making the incident happen? Possibly but we won’t know until the names of all the undercover LE agents and their informants are released and their roles analyzed. Until then it important that we don’t operate on speculation and conjecture because it just makes the patch holder community look paranoid and irrational.


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