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Iron Order M/C Cry to Facebook: We are being cyber bullied

There have still been no charges filed against Iron Order Motorcycle Club hit man Derrick “Kong” Duran. Duran shot and killed one member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and seriously wounded another at the Colorado Motorcycle Exposition in Denver on January 30.Source Aging Rebel

Yesterday, complaints from Iron Order members convinced Facebook to remove a couple of what the Iron Order calls “hater pages.” The pages were “IOMC The Real Truth 2” and “I Think Iron Order Sucks Too.” Source Aging Rebel

You have to love the Aging Rebel. They get the best information on what is going on within the Biker Community. I like to thank you over there because you always give me some good shit to blog about, especially when it comes to the wannabees over at Iron Order M/C.

Today we get to talk about the idiots of a so-called motorcycle club filled with cops, if you’re wondering why Derrick “Kong” Duran didn’t get charged in the Denver shooting, it’s because he’s a corrections officer. Yep you heard it right he works for the State of Colorado as a pig inside the joint. It’s this reason alone that he has not been charged, even though he was photographed running up the stairs with the gun in his hand and no one around him was armed.


Well, looks like after the shooting the mainstream media have stepped up their critique on why cops are trying to act like bikers, the ones they work so very hard to bust and harass all the time. It also looks like the Iron Order is having it’s feelings hurt all over social media, in response they have complained to Facebook that they are getting cyber bullied. Yes, you heard it right, a motorcycle club is complaining it’s getting cyber bullied. They fear for their lives lol.

By now I know most reading this is shaking their heads saying “What the Fuck”, you know with that stupid look a dog gives you when you’re acting a fool. I’ve been riding for 30 years and nothing like this has ever been heard of. A suppose motorcycle club crying that it is being bullied. “People are making fun out of us mommy!” I’ve heard of everything nowadays being politically correct, but come on really?

Iron Order has done nothing for the Biker Lifestyle but gives it a big black eye, everything from pictures on the internet with members on their knees simulating sucking a guy off, to crying to a dam internet site about being bullied. Really come on. How is people even a member of an organization like this?

We all have to thank Iron Order, for one thing, they have united clubs all across the world. They have disgraced what a motorcycle club is about, they have dishonored the meaning of brotherhood, most of all they brought cops into their club. Was this on purpose? Seems to be the case, they knew once they started out that they would need cover from the cops because they intended to disrespect all the clubs out there. They have screwed with the Red and White, Black and White, Gold and Red, a big mistake. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt or even killed over the antics.


When the Iron Order screwed around in Denver and Killed a Mongol they stirred a wasp nest. This incident you can bet was the last draw for a lot of the clubs out there. The old saying goes “You can only play with fire until you get burned”. Iron order played with a 3 alarm blaze this time. What sad about this whole situation, these asses are recruiting off the internet, people who do not know any better is going to search them out and try and join them. After all, it’s pretty simple to get a patch in the mail. People will see it as an opportunity to join a club with some television coverage, Iron Order won’t warn these people the dangers they will be facing putting on that patch, won’t tell them they are blacklisted in the motorcycle world.

Hopefully, I can reach those people through this article, warn them to find a legit club to prospect for or just to hang around. If you think that being apart of a club is just the patch on your back, your wrong. Putting on a patch for these people will only get you hurt, you might be the coolest person, the sad truth is these asses at Iron Order will get you hurt. Being a part of an M/C is not getting a patch online, years and years of traditions are in effect on the streets, some held very dearly to many. Iron Order is a recipe for disaster, after all, do you really want to wear a patch of a club that gets cyber bullied?


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  1. Topfuel. My hat is off to you, on the cyber bulling of the Iron Order,, article , well said and well done, ,, LHR ravenxxx


  2. What a bunch of pussies you started it but now crying 😢. Obout it suck it up 👆 princess 👸 put your big girl 👧 panties on also once you stir that shit 💩 pot you can’t unstir it


  3. All these cops executing bikers is really getting old. First they literally execute 9 of them in Waco and all of the truth is still not out about that, now another one is killing them in Colorado where there has always been a truce called for the event! People need to stand up against these murderers and demand satisfaction!


  4. By calling them a club and doing stories like this you are playing into their free advertising and giving them the attention they want! Personally I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire! I saw one crash in a ditch up in the mountains of SW Washington and I left him right there! I didn’t leave a man dieing he got up and walked!


  5. What the FK has happened here, why all over FB guys, this is NOT how this is taken care of, if you all have had this lifestyle YOU know how this goes, I MEAN NO DISRESPECT, come on


  6. Accepting cops, or should I say, pussies into MC for protection? I guess the insanity of that retarded plan is no longer a mystery, huh girls? Although it’s a little late in the game, I have to ask, why didn’t you just pay them off like a respectable MC does? Duh


  7. It’s funny you douchebag idiots run your mouth yet the Facebook pages delete any remark that didn’t fit their agenda, aging idiot likes to have pages shut down when people call him on his lies. Some of you really are dumb as a box of bricks


  8. Hey Kom either you’re a dumb gash who should STFU or a dude with a broads name who should STFU. Either way I wonder if you would say the same thing to the Pagans MC since they have former cops


  9. Ooooooo the internet spelling police, lol. Trust me I wouldn’t run from someone who uses the name of a bad 80’s movie. Fucktard


  10. I had friends that were in Iron Order a few years back. They saw where the club was going and decided to bail before it was “too late”. I knew there was an under lying agenda when I saw the separate MC patch. After an incident in Florida a couple years ago, I know of a national order that brought the legit clubs together. Now IO are crying like little school girls. They pick on somebody, get beat up for it, and go home crying to mommy and daddy. Because they are affiliated to law enforcement, they get away with almost everything. This crap has to stop.


  11. There should not be cop or affiliated clubs. Three piece patch & an mc is 1% period. Everything else is a fallacy at best. Supposed police are to serve and protect. Not play pretend on the weekends. Supposedly the 1% clubs are considered an criminal element subject to the R.I.C.O. Act. So then should a fake club commiting a crime with a 3. Piece patch and a mc logo.


  12. You might see a few ooops I didn’t even see that iron order guy riding beside me when I changed lanes. Ooops sorry!! This truck has a lot of blind spots you know. These guys are not welcome in TEXAS! I personally will not be nice at all!!


  13. I rode with IO a few years back and getting out was the best moves i ever made..for one I wasn’t informed they were a cop club till later on I was told there were ex LEO’s in the club…they treat there members like shit the Prez of the chapter I was in was a fucking moron money hungry fag couldn’t stand that motherfucker or half the dicksuckers that were in the club…I hope they get what they have coming which I’m sure they will because they are a bunch of wannabes guess I should have dug a little deeper before I stepped in but that’s behind me now..ya learn from your mistakes…


  14. Fuck you Pigs You shit dick Coward ass BITCHES murdering CUNT’S with a badge to do so You’re ALL FAGGIT ASS COWARD WANNA BE BIKERS BUT NEVER WILL BE


  15. Just remember this cowards behind the badge run in packs lose your patches you don’t deserve them or to be a member of any MC doesn’t mean because he have a patch if you can go around and be a fearful b****


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