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Outlaw Motorcycle Club-An Inside Report

The message communicated and received was direct and honest. Outlaw motorcycle clubs are not the Boy Scouts but that does not make them gangs or criminals despite law enforcement’s label. The Mongols took a risk that ultimately benefited everyone involved in outlaw motorcycle club culture. (Source: Speed Direction)

Lisa Ling  a reporter with CNN got an a inside look at the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

On October 7th, 2015 a special aired on CNN about the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Mongols took a risk involving the Media, one that eventually paid off for all motorcycle clubs. Lisa Ling conveyed an honest, fair, and balanced look at what goes on within the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The club is just one of many that operate worldwide. Many of us know of the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Warlocks and others, the Mongols are made up primarily of Hispanics that started out in California and grew to be a worldwide club.

The report that Lisa Ling submitted was nothing short of fantastic. It showed true 1%ers and what they stood for. The Mongols were honest in answering what it took to become part of their club, the prospecting process as it should be was explained. What a brotherhood was truly about, something that lacks substance in most clubs today. You can see from the report why the Mongols have grown the way they have, unlike clubs who build off the internet like the Iron Order or another fly by nights.


Society loves it’s Outlaws, the United States has always celebrated the likes of Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Coal Younger and more. Outlaws give us a sense of freedom from what society thinks a man should do with his life. Outlaws live by their own rules, their own goals, most important they work hard at just getting by in life.

The Feds, which include the FBI, ATF, DEA has always made it their business to go after clubs like the Mongols for anything they can trump up. Rico is the favorite weapon of choice for law enforcement against motorcycle clubs. A case usually starts out by some snitch getting caught up on something and turning it into a club thing, snitches use the trust of the club to get out of what they did, bringing anyone and everything down with them. This is the stuff the citizens know about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, the initial reports the cops give the media. What is awful is the fact that the citizens don’t get to see the outcome of those reports, 9 times out of 10 the charges are dropped because of lack of evidence.


Why do most bikers look up to the Outlaw Image? After all, it was that image that has driven us to become freer as a lifestyle, rebel against society and take shit from no one. It’s pretty simple if you look deep down, these men spent a great deal of time earning the trust of their brothers, they went through hell to wear that patch, devoted their lives to something greater than themselves. Personally, I don’t think it’s just the parties and riding, I don’t think it’s the image of raising hell that gets most people’s imagination flowing. I believe it’s the dedication to a cause, one most people cannot accomplish that sets up how we perceive 1%ers.

The Iron Order and other internet clubs try to duplicate what the real 1%er clubs have, this is why you see them in pictures all the time acting a fool, (Still can’t get the gay shit they do, being on their knees all the time and all) acting a fool in public, most of all thinking they are something they are not. Ask yourself if clubs like Iron Order put in the work to earn the patch they wear, did they go through the trials to earn the right to earn your respect as a fellow rider?


How did this documentary help other Motorcycle Clubs? It showed the world the true inside of what happens in a 1%er club, not something that is spoon-fed to the masses by the Government. The Government has grown so desperate in taken down the Mongols that it went all the way as to say that they can’t trademark their logo. Can you believe the low and blatant disregard for the first amendment?

All the clubs out there, many do not get along, be it differences in a territory or something that happened 40 years ago. One thing I hope everyone can agree with, we as a lifestyle need to back those who put the work and dedication into joining a brotherhood. It was these men that led the lifestyle to where it is today. The originals took some hard lumps from the law to make it cool to wear that leather jacket today, some even served hard time for your rights to enjoy the open road. No matter if you are an independent, a supporter of one club over the next, make sure to give a wave to a patch holder while on the road.


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  1. Lisa lungs report changed nothing unfortunately. Since then all the upper echelon of the Bandidos has been indicted, and arrest charged with assorted made up charges. Word is that the club has spent close to 1/2 million dollars already defending those 3, and hundreds of thousands of dollars defending those tangled up in the police made and manufactured Waco debacle. If the perception was changed so much bye Lisa Ling’s report, you would at least think someone from the public would step up to help support the battle. But they don’t. They just don’t care.


  2. You’re right,as long as it don’t effect them directly they don’t care,what they fail to realize is,today is I d bikers,who will it be tomorrow


  3. I am not a one percenter but I do care about the civil liberties of others and just because they choose to ride in a large group does not bother me. Remember that groups like the Iron Order are just individuals that like the bad boy image. The difference is that they carry a get out of jail free card (badge) and really can you blame them. Bikers and cops are closely linked whether they believe it or not. And yes I too like that image, I wear a three piece rocker set, on top Harley Davidson, in the middle a Willie “G” skull and on the bottom, Motorcycles. It does two things, first a higher visibility for cage drivers to see at a distance and second a warning to others that I don’t play well with the general public by intent. I give respect and want respect.


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