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Motorcycle Club Education- What to know

By James “Topfuel”Macecari

I decided to write this article on Motorcycle Club Education after seeing some people confused on the Internet about some of the stuff that goes on, especially with these Iron Order “Faggots” acting stupid all the time. Motorcycle Clubs is an American tradition, it also happens to be the largest export America has given to the rest of the world, in regards to a lifestyle choice. Some of our biggest domestic clubs have taken over worldwide, outpacing even a countries local club scene. American clubs like the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos, Mongols all have a big presence in countries like Australia, Britain, Germany, and so many more.

Many people got into the biker lifestyle because of the allure of being a Rebel, the allure of the freedom from societies bullshit, motorcycle clubs embody those two freedoms, most of all, they bring together like-minded individuals who live and breathe nothing but the lifestyle.

The motorcycle club took on an aura unto itself, almost mystic after Hollister. People from all walks of life wanted to be a part of the bad boy image, brothers from all over the country started forming “Brotherhoods”. Brotherhoods united with the single purpose of riding and partying, being there for those in your club, having an extended family. Motorcycle Clubs became the only family some people ever had, clubs showed people what love was for the first time in someone’s life.

Many, including myself, were always a part of the street. Early on growing up in the City of Chicago, a street gang was all we had as kids. Chicago as it is today, was always divided amongst racial lines. I was fortunate as a white boy to grow up in a mostly latino area, the culture I received from friends and their families was unreal. The place where I grew up was a terribly poor place, everyone relied on everyone in the neighbourhood to make it, those years growing up in a gang prepped me for my venture into the Outlaw Biker Lifestyle.


What many New Jacks, RUBS, don’t understand about the motorcycle club lifestyle is many that make up the club membership come from the streets. The motorcycle club was just the grown up version of where everyone came from in the first place. This is why Loyalty, Honor, and integrity means everything, that’s what everyone knew. Brothers mean everything to that person wearing a patch because they went through the same circumstances in life. When someone who is a member of a real motorcycle club, sees a mail order club like Iron Order, you can bet your ass they will get upset. Why? Because most people in a club, put all their efforts and every ounce of who they are into protecting their traditions and brotherhood. To have cops inside a club, cops who harass those with a patch every chance they get is just fucked up.

Let’s get into some of the educational points of the article. Below is the questions I see the most.

1. How do I approach a club or club member at a rally or other public event?

What I would suggest is go up to their support booth, most clubs have them at gatherings. Clubs make a lot of their money selling the supporting merchandise, you will always have members hanging around the booth. The support table gives you as a civilian, a first chance to have a conversation with some of the club guys. One question I would avoid, How do you join? That question isn’t the brightest of ideas, especially since no one knows you. I would suggest asking if the club has any public functions coming up you could attend to help support the club.

2. I was in a bar, I tried talking to a club guy, but he wouldn’t give me the time of day, why?

This is something that you need to know is common. Shit, I won’t talk to you if I don’t know you, not even to give help with directions. The last thing a club guy will do is talk to someone he don’t know. Don’t take offense by it, most clubs have a lot of politics, just something it is.

3. Why are the women wearing that bullshit “Property Patch”?

Well, that bullshit “Property Patch” should be a very in your face warning. You mess with that ol lady with that patch, you’re not only dealing with the ol man, you’re dealing with the club. That patch is not worn to degrade anyone, it serves as a warning. I actually know women who would do anything to get that patch. Once you understand what it means to women, you’re all over it trying to get it.


4. It’s America, why do I have to ask the main 1% club if I want to start a club?

What many do not realize, a motorcycle club in a particular area is always under intense scrutiny by that very government you invoke. You cannot go to a party at a 1% club house or any of its affiliates without seeing them out there taking pictures of you, or taking down your license plates. Yes, they will walk right up to your scooter and write your license plate down. In turn, you are now a known associate of that club, even if it’s your first time in that clubhouse. So know that has happened anything you do on the outside will reflect on that club. The Feds love using RICO all the time, they will try and blame what you do as a bigger conspiracy the club is supposedly doing. The other big thing is 1%er clubs don’t want idiots, such as the Iron Order running around town causing trouble. Citizens will automatically blame the 1%er club even though they were nowhere around. These are the main reasons, besides those 1%ers built up their area and deserve the respect from those trying to come into the fold. Besides, doing it the right way opens up a huge opportunity for your club to be involved in parties and other events.


5. Why shouldn’t I touch a club members patch?

The patch a club member wears is as valuable as his bike. That club member went through hell to get it, it’s not just some piece of cloth. Everything he is a part of is symbolized in that patch, his blood, sweat and tears went into getting it, just like it has with the bike. If you’re not a brother, you have no rights to touch something that is so honored. You didn’t put in the work, time, and effort, plain and simple.

These are just some basic questions and answers, there is so much more that can be said on the subject of motorcycle clubs. There is a site that does have some good basic information that will help you understand more. that site has been around forever, it gives a pretty good overview of the differences in the patches, riding club versus motorcycle club, politics of the motorcycle world and other stuff. If you’re a New Jack, it’s something you should really take a look at, it might actually save you some embarrassment or even an ass whooping.

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  1. Topfuel,thank you for that article,, all was well said and right to the point, olde school unfortunately was never taught to the majority of today’s wanna be bikers , the true Brotherhood is not evident in today’s club circles , LHR ravenxxx


  2. I to am from Chicago. (Hence the name) south side, so I can relate to your story.

    Lots of truth spoken in this article, keep up the good work.


  3. Good info for everyone to know from the New Jack to the old school 1%er!
    We all need to be up to date on facts concerning our environment and it’s policy’s.


  4. Education is everything. Thanks for the knowledge, people need to understand and respect this lifestyle.


  5. First off I have to admit that I’m a nobody in your guy’s world. Hell I’m not even a veteran. But a lot of people are SOA mtv crash test dummy gangsters that don’t know what respect is or even know how to earn it and i can’t stand how “brother ” is misused. I tell people all the time to just say Dude instead. I have had the honor of earning my stripes to be called a brother by a single individual but I still know my place. He told me a story about a run they went on. A guy washed out and wrecked. His bike ended up on top of him and just so happened to catch on fire. A few guys were following in a RV. Without hesitation one of them grabbed the fire extinguisher and kicked open the door and jumped. Didn’t even ask the driver to slow down before he jumped but he saved his comrade from being burned. That is the best example he could have given me. I don’t care what anyone says some of the best people I’ve known wore a patch of some sort. From the Bandidos to B.A.C.A. They are all Knights and vikings that were born in the wrong century that live by principles. Not laws of man which is why they’re so quick to check your prostate and attack your way of life. God gave us the commandments which are guidelines to being someone worth respecting. No man is perfect. Jesus’s disciples weren’t for sure but the ones who forget that and judge us are the ones who created the laws and loop holes that they hide behind while they rally the rest of the sheep to follow them on this witch hunt. Sure, there has been bad shit that has happened like Laughlin for example. The mongols pres at the time tried to stop it from happening but there were too many ingredients to make the situation bad. Especially when self defense gets called a gang war. As a civilian i support 1%ers in general. You guys are a testament to what the American spirit is about and as much of American history as cowboys and Indians, baseball, Disneyland and the brand of bike you ride. I apologize for my ranting and babbling on your page. My friends call me Opie. Feel free to message me to bust my balls and set me straight if you think i need it. Till then, be safe and stay stubborn.


  6. This is a great article. I do disagree that the property of patch is not insulting. It is a protection at rallies and such but it could say partner of…. It would accomplish both protection and respect. Thanks for the information


  7. Why can’t grown men respect others wishes to wear a fricken patch of their choice with out being threatened with physical damage, or worse. I am not a one percenter and don’t want to be but respect those who do. But I do expect the same.


  8. If you respected 1%ers as you say you do, you would’ve done a little research before asking that question. People who want to throw patches on their back just because they want to give a slap in the face to anyone who ever put on a diamond. Ignoring all history, tradition, protocol and respect just so they don’t have to prospect and earn their patch, all the while thinking they deserve The same level of respect as those who have given their blood sweat and tears to earn the rag on their backs. Looking up the word respect in a dictionary will not give you the proper definition of the word in my world as far as I’m concerned.


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