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Outlaw Life: Why Iron Order will never be

By James “Topfuel”Macecari

What’s it like to be involved in the Outlaw Motorcycle Club Lifestyle? Many out there work years trying to get into one of the 3 piece clubs, most grew up dreaming of nothing more than putting on a patch and riding a Harley Davidson. The lifestyle has a mystic allure that many in the general public can only shake their heads in wonder. Just imagine if you will, being a kid riding your bicycle and you see 50 bikers riding duece down the road at 75 miles an hour, it was one of the highlights of my childhood seeing such a sight. Being from the Chicago area my first look at the lifestyle was seeing at least 75 Outlaws M/C Members steaming down Cicero Ave, the throttles wide open and the pipes screaming. From that very day, I knew what I wanted to be, I wanted to be apart of something that was mystic, something that gave the rest in society a pause.

I was fortunate, my friends dad was involved in a motorcycle club, no it wasn’t the Outlaws M/C, it was just a small one who would always be over at my buddies house. I remember always going over there when the guys pulled up, they were always real cool to the neighborhood kids. It was the early 1980s, the old timers sure knew how to make a kid feel good back then, I remember washing bikes, running back and forth getting the guys beers, most of all I remember how they always treated me. A kid could always go up to one of them with a problem or issue and get a straight up answer, answers your mother would be horrified hearing lol.

By the time I reached the age of 21, I was already hanging around a club on the North Side for a few years. It was something amazing, shit from the time I was 18 I was partying with all the guys, talk about learning about life and how people were. I always said I went to the University of Melrose Park, the streets were taught straight forward by the guys, how to survive and get by. Most important, the guys taught us about “Your Word”. Club members live to a different standard in life, they are not your average citizen who will bullshit their way through with just about anything. No, a club member, if he said it, he meant it, never any doubts.

By the time, I started prospecting the little club grew into first a National, then International club. Prospecting was tuff, even though I knew everyone for years, they treated me harder than the rest of the prospects. I remember the President saying to me, “Just because you know everyone doesn’t mean you won’t earn that patch”. At the time it sucked balls, but I’m sure glad the guys put me through the hell they did. The appreciation gained for the club and brothers during that time was priceless, still until this day I take those experiences with me.

Motorcycle Club life isn’t for everyone, especially Outlaw Motorcycle Club life or 3-piece patch as it’s referred too. The members of the National and International clubs have it pretty hard. Being a member of the club is a full-time job, traveling from chapter to chapter, going to the funerals of brothers takes time and money. This is one of the main contentions with clubs like Iron Order (Urine Order as I call them). When you are a member of a 3 piece club and put your heart and soul into it every day, then see some fake ass club out there flying that 3 piece, it burns your ass. You know you went through hell and back to earn yours, you put the work in to get the respect on the streets, then here you have some fake ass rub who is trying to ride on your coat tails. It doesn’t matter what club you are with, that shit is going to burn your ass, especially a club that lets cops into its ranks.

Iron Order will never see what it does wrong, you cannot put a cop in your club for the simple reason that they will never truly be your brother. Do you really think that cop in that patch of yours will protect your ass over his buddies? Hell no, they live by another code then us. It’s the damn Blue Code, they will always protect their boys in blue over those they wear a patch with. If that is the case, how can you call them a brother?


I can see why a lot of why someone in Iron Order wants to wear an outlaw 3 piece patch, shit most bikers coming into the scene want to get involved in motorcycle clubs or riding clubs, people love sharing the road with others they have something in common. Hog chapters took off, numerous riding clubs through the AMA and Non-AMA, ABATE and so on. But the top of that list is the Motorcycle Club, they want to be able to feel true freedom, want to give society the big “FU”. All that is fine, but you have to go about it the right way, you have to know most MC’s are based on street law, most club guys live on the “Dark Side” for a better explanation. The biker world has so many levels of different subsets it’s mind boggling, you have your weekenders who just go out on the weekends, you have your rubs and cops who just want to act the part, but then you have that special group who lives and breathes every moment nothing but the lifestyle.


The latter is the ones who make up most Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, they will get upset when they perceive you stepping on their toes, they live the life every day. Club Members put in the time and effort with their brothers, it’s not just some word to throw around. Iron Order, no matter how much they try, will never fit in the mold of Outlaw Life. They can say whatever they want too, they can tell you on the pretty little website of theirs “We don’t claim territory or want anything to do with the Outlaw Clubs”. Truth is, all you have to do is look at the bullshit conduct, photos of their membership trying to be a gangster and you will have the real story. That story is a wannabee club that is mail order who dreams of being a real club one day, problem is, I can’t foresee that ever being the case. They made their bed, the name is ruined, the best thing they could do is shut it down and try doing it the right way. They will never receive any respect from the true clubs, they went about everything wrong, the internet is not where a brotherhood is made.

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  1. Not good ….but be careful what you ask for 1% really don’t give a fuck what ever it takes they’ll catch up to ya I live in a black&white town alot of respect for OUTLAW MC

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  2. Lol never even heard of ur club. 1% is for the outlaw clubs buddy. Ur the 99%. Get it right!! As for fake gangsters, no outlaw club member claims their gangsters. The government makes that claim.

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  3. Reading this post brought that verry memmories back to me . ive seen the same exact thing as a kid growing up in cicero@berwyn Il. And running around melrose park. But just wanted to say. You hit a home run here. The real truth indeed!


  4. If you have a pig(cop)in a 1%er club,it is not a true 1%er many people want to be 1%ers,its not that fucking have to earn it,it’s not for free.this life style is not for everyone. I myself hate pigs,and I also hate motherfuckers that are fakes,just because you ride,and are a member of a club,don’t mean you are aoutlaw,or a takes a special breed to be a to all the want to be 1%ers.fuck you………… ..


  5. I grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo and as an adolescent I would get such a charge outta seeing the local mc line up their bikes on Friday and Saturday nites…… and watch them all head out together. The bridge would shake from the roar of all the Harleys. But with all I’ve seen and heard thru my 61 years Im happy to be a loner and just ride with small groups of friends…… drama free, minus the extraordinary rules. I left home at 15 cause I didn’t care for the shit my parents laid on me so I was never gonna submit to another authority that was gonna tell me how I had to live and ride.

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  6. There are stories of growing up just like you did in the life. There are, or were, brothers in the IO who grew up in very similar circumstances, with very similar experiences. There was a chapter made up of true Brothers that lived and breathed the life every day. There were no cops in that chapter. This chapter never had any negative experiences with the Outlaw clubs in the area. There was at least a small amount of respect, enough to be civil anyway. Then the chapter numbers exploded. The “brotherhood” began to die. Brothers became “members”, members stopped showing up, brothers tried to keep it together, but it fell apart around them. Then another chapter in another state decided they wanted to have a fucking shoot out with the big boys. This gave the vast majority of the first chapter, including the founders, the perfect excuse to turn in their rags and walk away. They had been waiting for the chance since the club as a whole was not what these guys wanted to be part of anymore. It turned, at some point over the last few years, into exactly what the “haters” had been calling it. The chapter could never survive as it should. The guys could no longer stomach wearing that patch in public, not out of fear for their personal safety, but for their own dignity. Some have moved on to other legit clubs, some ride independent, and some are yet to be determined. This chapter was unique and it’s death was sudden and final. Although it’s name still exists, it’s true original existence will not be recreated by those who stayed.


  7. You got it man. They killin aint what bikin is about. Its love. Ya i know love. Well hell ya u love your brother more then yourself. Simple as that sounds its true.


  8. Fuck the pansy ass pussy ass fake ass iron order kook ass club. Major support and major respect to the black and white nation!! Coming from a town by the beach that matters and is synonymous with the real outlaw life and truly breathes this lifestyle. Again full support and major respect to the black and white nation!! It’s bike week 24/7 in my city year round. Fuck a fake ass soft ass iron order simple as that


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