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Has the Biker Lifestyle become PC?

By James”Topfuel”Macecari

“It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.”
Branch Rickey

Well after reading some of the comments on other posts, I just had to write and educate the crying little bitches who are claiming 1%ers are a bunch of bullies and thugs. Yes, the “Bully and Thugs Comment” is now being used in the biker lifestyle, the yuppies and wannabes have fully infiltrated the biker lifestyle. Like, are we all fucking teenagers now? Really the political correctness of the population is just sickening, if you have to cry that you are being bullied then maybe you should get out there on a damn moped.

1%ers have been the leaders in the biker lifestyle for decades, it was the 1%ers that took all the crap in the early years that has allowed you RUBS and LEOS to ride around acting like something that you are not. The only reason why you middle age fudgepackers want to dress up in leather and ride 30,000 bikes, is to act like those 1%ers you call thugs and bullies.

“This is America” or “I fought for this country and no one will tell me what patch to wear”. Plain and simple, your idiots in my opinion, for one you are uneducated blowhards when it comes to the club scene, Why? The club scene is something many men dedicate their entire lives too, they put in blood, sweat and tears for that patch they wear, the brotherhood they are a part of. In essence, “THEY EARN IT”. Now just because you may be a RUB or Weekend Warrior who don’t have the balls to join a real club, doesn’t make the rules change on the street just for you sweethearts. The internet is a funny thing, gives automatic balls to those who on the street are a bunch of punks who couldn’t fight their way out of a corner, so the internet has become the new mouthpiece to a bunch of fags who circle jerk each other on who is bigger and worse.

We’ve had a couple of Iron Order faggots on the site as of late crying and whining about how the whole club and lifestyle works, yea lol, Iron Order, there is a real faggot club. They claim they tried to mimic the way clubs were in the 50’s and 60’s, yes I just shook my head and laughed at that one. Where do they get that shit? Those decades were prime for the 1%er scene, these bunch of fags claim they don’t want to be like 1%ers, but then make a stupid statement like that. Which one is it? You either don’t want to be a 1%er (Probably because you can’t handle the prospect time) or you don’t? Yea it must be hard being apart of a so-called club that was founded by a former ATF agent.

Now who’s the blame for all the crap going on within the lifestyle? Well, I would have to bet on Harley-Davidson and Kurt Sutter, after all, the company has targeted middle age wannabees since the early 90’s, then you have Kurt Sutter come along and make the fake ass portrayal of club life in the Sons of Anarchy. Both are responsible for giving rubs and wannabees the balls to think that they can come into the lifestyle and change decades of tradition. The only thing that was cool about the SOA was the music, nothing was based on true facts of what a 1% club is all about, and by the way who kills off the main character the way he did? For one, no club would hold the dude responsible after a gun was being pulled, no matter the other circumstances. You really dropped the ball on that one Sutter, killed the whole series for all the wannabee clubs out there.

So why write an article such as this? Well, it’s time someone takes away all the wet dreams of those who just think they have a right to start up a club and wear a 3 piece patch, to ignore traditions going back decades. Those traditions were put in place just for fools like those who think they don’t have to put in the work, the dedication to be apart of something more than themselves. Most important, the 1% clubs don’t need fools running around acting stupid in public, drawing attention that doesn’t have to be the focus on the club life. See you bunch of wet dreams, when you’re wearing patches and terrorize the general public, they don’t see your pansy club, they see a major club and that sticks in their mind, next thing you know the damn cops are all over the wrong club.

Here is a word of advice, if you want to wear a 3 piece patch and be apart of a club, go out and find a legit one. Yes, it will be tough because you have all these posers running around out there, but look into your local COC, those clubs listed on that site or sites are legit. If a club isn’t a part of the COC, it’s more than likely it’s not a legit club and you’re just putting in valuable time that won’t pay off in the long run.


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  1. I hope this article is directed at unsanctioned 3 piece patch wearing wanna-be’s. I been riding longer than most, and just because I don’t sport a patch I can assure you that I and the people I ride with are “bikers”. We arn’t and don’t claim to be 1%, but we share most of the same values. We are not RUBS, we work hard and make sacrifices to enjoy our freedoms.
    I agree that a mail order club which runs around playing outlaw on the weekends, picking fights and killing people is bullshit, but just because I am not in a club doesn’t mean I deserve to be lumped in with them.

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  2. I agree with Jjayf. I was taken aback a little by the article. I’ve ridden for over 35 years with never a patch on my jacket. Just because there are a few goofballs playing dress-up, don’t lump us all into the same group.

    My father-in-law is a 1% and has been for decades so I have some first hand knowledge, but that is not the life for me. I chose a different path. I have nothing but respect and admiration for those guys.

    I ride as many miles as anyone. I own cages, but rarely use them. I’m out there in the cold and rain and get looks and comments fairly often. The simple fact is that from the very first time that I threw a leg over my trusty RM50 when I was 10 years old, I was hooked, So when I read the above article stating that I am not a real biker, just because I can afford a new HD doesn’t sit well with me.

    You talk about paying your dues, but I’ve payed plenty of dues. I worked in cotton mills to put myself through school. It tool 8 years to finish school like that, but you bet your ass I’m glad I did it. It allowed me to be able to own the bikes that I’ve had.

    Over the weekend, I saw three riders with patches. One with the store bought Eagle and generic patches that so many make fun off. But, I also saw two guys playing dress-up with a two piece. They both sported bottom rockers with their territory. I chuckled a little to myself as blew right past them. I know they wouldn’t be able to get away with that 20 years ago, but if the 1%ers were a little harder on these guys maybe they wouldn’t exist in the first place.


  3. I have been in this life style for over 4 decades both patched and non patched (retired you might say) It does hurt to see how most people who ride today have been ruining what us dinosaurs built. In my opinion what we have today is 3 types of riders:
    1- Weekend warriors or as they say motorcycle enthusiasts
    2- bikers-those that ride and live the life style as Dsoll705 stated (and your education has nothing to do with it)
    3- THE OUTLAW BIKER-These are those that wear the patch with a diamond that devote themselves to a way of life. With blood ,sweat, rears and a lot of loss. This is the life style that 99% of those so called riders can not hack. Hence the term 1%. It is a fact that there are so many bikes and so few real bikers


  4. Not exactly. There’s some clubs that are established throughout the country that have been told No by 2 big in that area about opening up chapters recently.


  5. “I served this country and I’ll wear what I want “.. “your idiots”. I’m not in or around a club but I’m a combat vet and I WILL wear whatever I want, regardless of what some internet blog whiny pussy says.

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