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Next Generation will be the death of the Biker Lifestyle

By James Macecari

The biker lifestyle has been undergoing changes in the last decade. It’s median aged Rider is in their mid 40s with no sign of the younger generation wanting to get involved. Personally I blame my generation, Generation X for raising the biggest bunch of crybabies and pussies that any generation has seen.

Let’s just look at what’s going on in this country right now and we can see the direct impact that it’s having on the biker lifestyle. We Generation X individuals have made politically correct mainstream, in doing that we raised kids that fill they are entitled to whatever they want. Now us bikers know that the lifestyle we live was about freedom, we all had to fight for what we had in life, we had no handouts, we actually got those ass whooping to make sure we knew right from wrong.

Fast forward: Today you get your ass thrown in jail for knocking the hell out of your kid if they do wrong. We have a lot of those in the biker community that will bow down to the pressures of what is suppose to be the way to raise these brats. And for that, this country has suffered for those pc decisions.

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We let these kids play Xbox all day, we let them live with us until they are 25 or even 30. Of course they wouldn’t appreciate or have the desire of jumping on a motorcycle and just pointing that machine to a point and just ride. They do not have the common sense too know what true freedom is all about.

How can Harley, or any of the other manufacturers out there ever bring this kids into a lifestyle like ours? Personally unless they make some sort of Tron bike with all the electronic bells and whistles, I don’t see how they are going to do it. Come on now, I really don’t see any of the companies putting all kinds of weird ass technology onto a bike to get the brats interested.

I think what Harley needs to do, get into the moped business, these kids love them damn things. These kids are to dumb to straddle a big twin, crap even a Sportster or rebel at that. To be a biker isn’t only about the ride, it’s about common sense and a love for being who you are and not apologizing.

I really do feel for the companies, but at the same time it’s also of their own making. It’s what they get for pricing out the hardworking middle man. Yea prices are still falling, but not enough. Without pricing this new generation will ever get into the Lifestyle, if the lazy little bastards can’t get out of their parents house, how the hell are they going to afford a $15000 bike? Most grown men have to work themselves to death just for what they are riding, and we all know how this newer generations work ethic is.

I guess in this blog I wanted to draw on the fact, that we are not only loosing what the lifestyle is about, but we are failing to properly raise the next generation to respect values is bikers hold dear. Yea , yea brotherhood blah blah, what I’m talking about is our values in our word to someone else, hard work and dedication to one self. Qualities that make a biker a biker.

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  1. I know there are some out there that are good hard working young’uns. However you are right about who they are inside. They want what papa has NOW without getting it the old-fashioned way. Over-priced motorcycles are truly what keeps many hard working Gen X from getting a bike now and momma’s boy or girl ain’t gonna leave the basement to buy anything like that.

    Oh, there will be some bikers left but not as we know now but more like the Mad Max wannabes. All dressed up and not the sense to know where to go…peace.


  2. Ever thought of proofreading this yourself instead of using spellchecker? Your use of English makes me wince. And no, I’m not a millennial I’m a 63yr old full time rider and have been for 46yrs.


  3. My wife and I are the last part of the baby boom generation. We both had fathers that rode and we put at least100,000 miles on motorcycles and sidecar rigs together. We raised two boys that are entering their thirties now. Both like motorcycles. The oldest had several small motorcycles as a kid and the youngest now has his grandpa’s last Triumph Bonneville which he is restoring. The oldest son has a son of his own and he will receive his great grandfather’s last motorcycle, a 67 Sportster when he is mature enough to enjoy it. It is sitting in my shop waiting patiently. Make no mistake if you asked our neighbors, you would be told, they are bikers. Not sure if you would say that about our sons but for sure they are motorcycle enthusiasts. I think the grandson will ride and not sure about the granddaughters but our daughter has ridden dirt bikes and I plan on giving her a classic Asian street bike to ride to high school when it is time. Is biking going to die with our generation?Not if we can help it.


  4. Every generation is weaker then the last.,Im 43 and my dad said we were a bunch of pussies and my grand father said my dads gereneration were a bunch of pussies., And the biker life style has been dead since about the mid 90’s.. All the real bikers are dead old or to afraid to go to prison so that has paved the way for a bunch of weekend worriors and rubs to play Hard core dress up


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