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Way to go Kurt Sutter- You killed the Biker

By : James Macecari

Yep, thanks, Kurt Sutter for utterly destroying what it was about to be a biker, more importantly, a member of a Motorcycle Club. We do owe you some small bit of gratitude, the embroidery business says a big thank you, after all, your personally responsible for feeding the egos of those who thought they could run out there in the real world and play Jax Teller, even better, run out there and start an M/C without any knowledge about how to do it.


Tough Guy Kurt Sutter being interviewed about the Sexual Assault in Hollywood

Sons of Anarchy was by far the worse show that could’ve happened to bikers, now we are told that Kurt Sutter is in post-production (Or whatever crap they call it in Hollywood) on the Mayans M/C. The Mayans will take place after the golden boy Jax Teller decided to run head-on into a semi. This one according to Sutter will focus on the Latino Experience. Great, he already screwed up the white boy club experience, now he wants to turn the screws and hit the Latinos.

So let’s take a trip on shit that tough guy Kurt Sutter got wrong about what it is to be apart of an MC.

1. We are not a bunch of murderous, serial killing animals. If I got the body count right from your show, one chapter was responsible for over 150 deaths, including law enforcement individuals. With that many deaths dumb ass, you would probably have the National Guard sitting outside the clubhouse.
2. We do not steal names of other clubs. A little-known fact that most don’t know, there is a real club with Anarchy in it. It was started in 2000, it’s based in Europe called the Rolling Anarchy. If I were them, I would be going after some of that money from Sutter.
3. Most clubs, with exception of the Hells Angels vs Rock Machine War of the 1990s, wouldn’t spray bullets in open public at their enemy (Season 2 Finale). Did Sutter get his idea from that war?
4. RICO, plain and simple, clubs do not want to risk it. Most clubs now are fighting for their patches because the government wants to strip them of their rights. The biggest of these cases deal with the Mongols MC. Your little show has put it into every little law enforcement head that all bikers with patches are criminal.
5. M/C is a Club, not a gang who goes around dealing with this Chinese gang or that Mexican cartel. Yes, some clubs have some that have criminal tendencies, but just like law enforcement, you bunched them all into one and made clubs look like a bunch of psychos paths.

I wonder if Kurt Sutter really cares how he portrayed club life in the biking world after all he made millions on t-shirt sales, hat sales, worse of all, back patches. What Kurt Sutter didn’t tell you is that those patches can get you in a lot of trouble. Real M/C members spend up to a year putting in the hard work to become a member of an M/C. As you can see from the video, bikers take those patches pretty serious. Wonder if Kurt Sutter feels for those who were sporting that back patch who got a beat down from a real club member. Nah, he got his money, why should he care? If he did, he would’ve made sure patches were not apart of his merchandise line. But in all honesty, I think it was on purpose, he knew people who had no idea about clubs would run out and buy those patches so they could be just like Jax.

So, as the Mayans M/C show starts to get rolling sometime next year, we in the biker M/C world will start seeing all the Mayan merchandise and craze rolling out. More pop up clubs with no knowledge of the lifestyle will start up (Then get shut down) and we will be having a bunch of freaks acting billy bad ass cause Kurt Sutter portrayed bikers as something they are not. Thanks, Kurt Sutter, you single handily killed M/C life as we know it.

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  1. If I am wrong (and I hope I am) someone please tell me, but I was under the impression that Mr Sutter hired several west coast club members as consultants. This was to insure authenticity I assumed. If this is true then I must ask, did the writer consult these club members then write in whatever the hell he wanted? Or did the previously mentioned club member consultants exaggerate their escapades and if so why? Understand I am not pointing fingers, just asking questions. If the Mayans based show is a hit should the Screaming Eagles or the Chosen Few lawyer up? Again just asking?


  2. So your saying that Kurt Sutter has it totally wrong with the activities of 1% percenters MC’s? I have heard of some individuals being threatened for wearing a rocker patch with great bodily harm, sure sounds like bullies in a school yard. And why do they feel so threatened or is it just an ego thing. What was it between the Hells Angels and Rock???


  3. Wow, what an idiot. First of all, Kurt Sutter made it very clear in the beginning, this was for ENTERTAINMEMT, it was never to be taken seriously. Second of all, if all you actual clubs would have been smart, you would have followed the footsteps of the federal government and been recruiting during the time the show was in the air rather than posting and article about how much it was not true. And third of all, there are plenty of documentaries on TV that are proving that Kurt was not too far off base. Why are you not slamming on the makers of “Easy Rider” the makers of “Beyond the Law” (which is based on a TRUE story about somebody undercover in a 1% club), So if Kurt was so far off, why are your articles even relevant? WTF


  4. I’m sorry but you totally you totally contradict yourself with paragraph, you’re no better than Kurt Sutter: What Kurt Sutter didn’t tell you is that those patches can get you in a lot of trouble. Real M/C members spend up to a year putting in the hard work to become a member of an M/C. As you can see from the video, bikers take those patches pretty serious. Wonder if Kurt Sutter feels for those who were sporting that back patch who got a beat down from a real club member.


  5. Why should real M/C members worry about posers? Do they feel threatened? It’s no wonder Law Enforcement track their movements.


  6. I think that even if consultants were hired, showbiz will always exaggerate the worst of the biking world. Why? Cause people want to see violence and bloodshed on TV. So I think that these consultants would provide an authentic view of the biking lifestyle and then this view would be exaggerated and perverted to provide ratings.

    Don’t know if this is actually the case, but that is what I think TV business is all about.


  7. I think what the author is trying to get across is that because of the show, 1% percenters, law abiding MC’s, riding enthusiasts, and just plain riding groups are portrayed in a sense that if you ride, you are bad, regardless of anything else. These views are often misguided and not true.

    On a second point, to truly be a member of a MC you have to go through being a prospect etc, and earn your patch. You have to work your behind off in order to earn your spot at the table. TV show merchandise and the show have given some the idea that starting or becoming part of a club is an easy task. This is offensive to those that have actually worked to earn their patch.


  8. It’s true that because I ride kind of noisy Harley that I must be trash. I sometimes wear a vest with stuff on the front that I earned from the military and on the back a three piece Harley Davidson on top and a bottom rocker that says Motorcycles, but nothing claims any territory.


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