By James Macecari

So a new anti-motorcycle group has popped up, “Noise Free America”. This candy-ass organization is made up of whiny ass liberals who go town to town where motorcycle rallies are held and try to convince Mayors and Council Members to ban the rallies. To support their weak ass chain of thought, they claim that those who ride Harleys are all thugs and criminals. They also claim that the rallies endanger communities because of the violence that is associated with bikers.

We have seen this from crying little liberals when it comes to trying to erase our history by trying to tear down Confederate Monuments, we have seen these type of Politically Correct little ass-jackets going around the country waiving former Soviet Union Flags and worshipping Communism. And now this maniac group called ‘Noise Free America’ is hitting us, motorcyclists, right where it’d hurt the most. Motorcycle rallies are something every true biker attends and looks up to. It’s that time when we ride along with our buddies, party, and have the absolute best time.


The bigger rallies go on for days and obviously require a place to set up shop for all-late night partying and fun. Towns like Sturgis open us with wide arms and we love them for it. In return, they get to build up their economy and businesses. For instance, Sturgis is a small town of 7,000 people, but the annual Sturgis rally sees over 100 times as many riders flock the town for a week. When the town’s not hosting the ride, pretty much of it is busy organizing the next one! That’s basically how the town runs!


What we have in this country today is a disease, it’s a plague of stupid ass crying little liberals who want to see the world as a tree-hugging eutopia. These little parasites use their partners in the media to slowly chip away every right we as American citizens have. Biker Rallies bring much needed economic stability to small towns like Sturgis that they otherwise might never have. Telling these little parasites facts like that won’t matter, they are not interested in hearing about economics, capitalism is not apart of their vocabulary. Liberals want a country where the government is in charge of every aspect of a person life, plain and simple.

Now that they are targeting Bikers, some of the best and most generous citizens this country has ever had, we as a group need to start fighting back and calling these parasites out. When we see stories on groups like this, we need to be proactive, bombard them with comments on the platforms that they use, hit the grassroots and educate people on what they really are about, fight back against the disease they try and spread throughout our country. That’s how you put these little rich ass-jackets in their place. I’ve enclosed a link to their Facebook Page, I encourage all our readers to put them on blast. Show them that they are a minority, one that will never take our lifestyle away.

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