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Question for cops – Bandido Mistrial gets new date in Waco Case.

By James Macecari

The incident in Waco Texas should end all debate on why Cops are not wanted in Biker Clubs. I ask those who are cops a simple question. Do you not see your hypocrisy? How as men can you even look at yourselves in the mirror putting on a set of colors after a few hours before being all dressed up in that pretty little uniform? You dress up in that pretty little uniform and go out there and harass the same people you try to be like when you punch off of a shift.

Another question I would like an answer to, how do you police who join clubs, separate who you are as a cop one minute, then try to be a biker the next with a bunch of guys you try busting whenever you get the chance? I don’t get it- when a brother ask for a line or a puff of Mary Jane, do you give it to him, or do you pull out the cuffs?

Bandido Mistrial gets a new court date

After a mistrial was declared last week, a spring 2018 trial date has been set for the first defendant to go on trial in the deadly Twin Peaks shootout. The retrial date for Christopher “Jake” Carrizal, 36, will be April 2, the court coordinator for Waco’s 54th District Court said. “We’ll be ready,” McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna said Tuesday.

A mistrial was declared in the case after the jury couldn’t come to an agreement on the three gang-related charges on which Carrizal was indicted in connection with the 2015 biker shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant. “At the end of the day they couldn’t, there wasn’t enough evidence that the Dallas Chapter, and specifically Jake Carrizal, had committed any violence against any person that wasn’t self-defense,” Gotro said Friday in response to the ruling. Reyna called the mistrial a “draw,” and vowed Friday not to give up. “When this all started I knew that this is going to be a big fight, a tough fight, I’ve always known that,” Reyna said Friday.

This is a complete waste of taxpayers dollars, this debacle from the start has been squarely on the police and the district attorney. It’s not only bikers that need to be worried about the overreach of power on behalf of the government, but regular citizens out there need to stand up and take note. We are increasingly becoming a totalitarian state, we as bikers should look no further than Austrailia and what bikers over there are facing on a daily basis. Cops in Austrailia have free reign to pull over whoever they like just for wearing colors and charging them as being apart of a criminal organization. What many in Austrailia are finding out, they don’t even have to be on the target list of this stupid ass law. You could be arrested and detained for being in a charity club, it’s all at the discretion of the Police pulling you over.


The same thing is starting to happen here in the States. The Federal government has been pursuing the Mongols M/C trademark design, not only do they want to make anyone wearing a Mongols patch, they also want to make people who’ve done nothing wrong, criminals for wearing the patch. What kind of country have we’ve become where over 154 charges were filed at an incident that many if any, had anything to do with it just because they were bikers or belonged to a club?

We as Americans better wake up and start taking a stand before it’s too late, ask yourselves, Do we live in a country where everyone is judged by the same standards? Or do we live in a country that Federal and Local officials can run unchecked and cause mayhem? The situation in Waco ( Like in the mid-90’s) could’ve been avoided if not for the actions of the local officials. Many Americans need to wake up, many men and women have died for this country, many of whom would be rolling in their graves to see what this country has become.

It is clear that the DA, in this case, has egg all over his face because of the mistrial and now has to save face and try to go at it again and cost the taxpayers more money. If predictions hold up for the retrial, Christopher “Jake” Carrizal will either be found “Not Guilty” or another mistrial will happen. So, what did all of it prove? It proves that the government is starting to overreach and step out of line with this countries principles. The government is there “For the people, and by the people”, this isn’t a police state we live in. But when we as citizens of this country stand by and let incidences like this happen, we risk losing what being American is all about.

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  1. Cop clubs get targeted as well ive seen it believe it or not. the real question is how can cops that supposedly swear an oath to their jobs be so messed up that they mess with their own because they are against motorcycle clubs or for a bust. It has always been said that if government truly wanted to shut down M/Cs they would go after veteran clubs and cop clubs first in fear that they would be sympathizers. The last thing the government would ever want is for all clubs to come together because they couldn’t control the force. They want everyone to fight. Think about it


  2. Good points! I can agree with some of those viewpoints. I can also see the other side from behind the uniform.

    I have rode the majority of my life. I’ve also worn a uniform my entire adult life. I’ve never been a club member.
    With all this said, I can not and will not speak directly on this case. I have no knowledge of it.

    Yes, peace officers prepare probable cause affidavits and forward them to judge or district attorney, all depending upon the offense. Felony charges get sent to be reviewed by the grand jury. Indictments are approved by a jury of your peers, the grand jury.

    I’m not siding with the criminal justice system but members of the community saw enough to indict. Innocent people do get indicted. Innocent people do get arrested.

    Good, diligent officers do get bad raps from ones at the other end of the spectrum. Is it right for society to judge every officer from the one that messed up?

    Innocent until proven guilty. America’s criminal justice system.


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