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Hard Hitting Fact Based Exposure of Ray”Izod”Lubesky” The Iron Legacy and his Merry Band of Cops. *An InvestigativeReport *

By : James “Hollywood” Macecari

Coming December 4th- Insane Throttle starts a series of articles about the Iron Legacy, it’s International President Ray” Izod”Lubesky, and his merry men of the Law Enforcement that quit Iron Order to join him in forming the new club. Insane Throttle will guide its readers through a series of events that could give a lot of our readers a whole new perspective on not only Iron Order, but how Ray”Izod” Lubesky is directly responsible for most, if not all the shootings that have occurred between Iron Order and some of the bigger OMG clubs.

IZOD Iron Legacy

Insane Throttle will explore the reasons behind why Ray “Izod” Lubesky was kicked out of a club he help found- out on bad standings, those former Iron Order Members who were law enforcement who joined him to establish Iron Legacy, and his connection to several on-going lawsuits and friendship with a very popular online rag.

Insane Throttle will also expose the reasoning behind the Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs and the Iron Legacy M/C part of that organization. We will be having a fact-filled no-nonsense look at a person who has single-handedly caused an enormous amount of contention in the Biker World for his own personal gain and lust for power.

So December 4th be on the lookout for the first of many articles. YOU BE THE JUDGE!



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