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Ray”Izod”Lubesky -Iron Legacy and the corruption of his Merry Men in Blue.

As we at Insane Throttle continues to do research for our upcoming series on Ray “Izod” Lubesky- International President of Iron Legacy and former founder of Iron Order M/C, the trends that we are finding are deeply disturbing. We see a so-called man trying to weave his way to absolute power (If you can even call it that in an LEO club) by using deception against not only the Leos in and outside his club but his own so-called brothers.

We have come into our possession internal and external communications and other documents from Ray”Izod” Lubesky that directly show how he purposely sent members out in public to create situations against not only 1%er clubs, but also non-affiliated clubs. We can say without a shred of doubt, that Ray”Izod” Lubesky coordinated these efforts with local law enforcement.

IZOD Iron Legacy

We here at Insane Throttle will also provide definitive proof that the shootings that involved Iron Order M/C, Black Pistons, and Mongols were a direct result of this Ray” Izod” Lubesky as former International President of Iron Order M/C. As we dig deeper into this subject matter, we are finding out that Iron Order M/C was starting to develop relationships with other motorcycle clubs at a regional level and agreed to mutually beneficial agreements between the two parties, only to be backdoored by this Ray” Izod” Lubesky.

The so-called alliance of “Law Abiding Motorcycle Clubs” More like a cover for corruption and license to incite violence

What Insane Throttle is finding is sickening, the readers have to ask themselves a few questions as the series goes on. How is it that Ray “Izod” Lubesky, who is nothing more than a contractor, can use the cover of a suppose “Law abiding motorcycle club” to incite violence, use a club for personal gain, and have sworn officers helping him to achieve his goals? How is it that Ray”Izod” Lubesky can be an expert witness in wrongful death lawsuits involving his former club (What’s his specialty to being an expert witness?) Finally, how is it that Ray”Izod” Lubesky and his merry men of blue, not under federal indictment for RICO? As the series goes on, ask yourselves these questions.

The series comes out on December 4th only on Insane Throttle Biker News.

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